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Finding the right box for South Africa’s EFL industry

“Internationally it was easier with press, but locally it was difficult,” said Johannes Kraus, chairperson of Education South Africa (EduSA) during a recent WYSE webinar about gaining press attention and lobbying lessons learned during the now five-year battle between...

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Meet our newest member: Welcome To Travel

Interview with Adam Ogle, Co-Founder/Director Tell us your story. How did Welcome To Travel organisation get started?  Darryl and I (co-founder) have known each other 20 years and this project is really the result of things we’ve taken from both travelling and working...

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Meet our newest member: April Eighth

Interview with Mei Li, FounderTell us your story – especially about your name! How did April Eighth get started?  Years ago, when I was a young lady having graduated from a regular Chinese university, I dreamed of a better future, but like many couldn’t afford to pay...

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Meet our newest member: Students Partners

Students   Partners   is   a   Peruvian   Cultural   Exchange   Organization dedicated  and  committed  to  providing  international  experiences  that allow intellectual and personal development for our participants.

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Meet to our newest member: Euroventure Travel Ltd

Tell us your story.  How did Euroventure Travel Ltd get started?  It began as a pitch for a £4,000 grant from the business incubator at University of Leeds to start a company that organised interrail packages for students. We threw together a website, paid for some...

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