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Oficina de Turismo e Intercambio Cultural (OFIT) promotes cultural exchange via The Work and Travel Podcast
WYSE News | April 25, 2024

In February 2024, Oficina de Turismo e Intercambio Cultural (OFIT) inaugurated its new initiative, The Work and Travel Podcast.  

The podcast covers all topics related to cultural exchange and the experiences that mark a before and after in the lives of the participants. It provides valuable information to students exploring options for cultural exchanges programmes , as well as giving former participants the opportunity to share their stories and how the experience has changed their life. Episodes include practical advice on J-1 appointments and what students need to know before setting off on a Summer Work & Travel Program.

To listen to the podcast (in Spanish), click here. You can also follow the latest updates on the podcast’s Instagram channel, @Theworkandtravelpodcast.

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Oficina de Turismo e Intercambio Cultural (OFIT) is the country’s leading company in cultural exchanges, providing experiences that include adventure, work and fun. For 15 years it has offered thousands of young people and adults the opportunity to meet and learn in a different way, including travel, dozens of cultures, different languages ​​and new people to meet.

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Country: Domincan Republic