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Travel Europe with ContikiGrand prize

Contiki has been honing social travel for over 60 years. So no matter how you join – shy, confident, solo, in a group – you’ll quickly make lifelong friends.

Take the New Horizons survey and win a free European tour with Contiki for you and a friend.

Read about Contiki's commitment to sustainability

Supporting people, wildlife and the beautiful planet we all share
We know all about the power of travel. But it can benefit more than just travelers. Contiki’s mission is to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®. MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are available on most of our trips, chosen because of the positive social or environmental impact they have on their communities and those who experience them.  

Climate Action Plan
At Contiki, we want you to experience all the life-changing benefits that come with exploring the world. Travel is a gift we want to share with the 18-35s of today, and future generations too.

But unprecedented things are happening to our planet – the impacts of climate change are universal, and ignoring the situation won’t make it go away.

We wanted to take action so, in 2022, we made all of our trips carbon neutral. But the science has spoken since then, and offsetting just ain’t enough.

Together with our parent company The Travel Corporation, we’re happy to announce our four-point Climate Action Plan. Validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) – the emissions reduction specialists who take ‘legit’ to a whole new level – we’ve outlined a set of short-term and long-term targets, with one simple end goal: to reach Net Zero GHG emissions across the whole of our business by 2050. AKA zero, zilch, nada.

The Short-term Targets (2030)

  • Reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions by 46.2% by 2030
  • Reduce absolute scope 3 emissions by 27.5% within the same timeframe (the emissions from our goods and services, plus the products we use)

The Long-term Target (2050)

  • Reduce ALL emissions by 90% by 2050




Get to know NYC with HI USA

Hostelling International USA (HI USA) brings travelers together in the largest hostel network in the USA, but that’s just the start: from local tours and experiences to experiential learning programs, they strive to bring moments of cultural understanding to guests and community members.

Give us a few minutes of your time and you could win a two-night stay for two people in a private room ensuite at HI New York City Hostel.

Read about HI USA's commitment to sustainability

A leader in sustainable travel, HI USA embraces a triple-pillar approach to our operations and programs, spanning environmental, social, and financial stewardship.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our hostels bring together travelers from more than 100 countries, who are immersed in authentic, local experiences the second they walk through the door, while also sharing spaces and resources with their fellow travelers. As community hubs, we offer impact-driven activities and educational programs for travelers and locals alike that harness the principles of sustainable tourism, building a new generation of environmental stewards. This blend of social and environmental impact is a hallmark of the HI USA experience. In the mid-1990s, we began to take a more refined and strategic approach to prioritizing environmentally sustainable practices, and we have been leading innovation and best practices ever since.



Sleep with JO&JOE

Remember when you had to choose between the comfort of a hotel and the friendly atmosphere of a youth hostel? JO&JOE have invented a place where travelling is not just about the destination, it’s all about the experience.

Take the survey for your chance to win a free two-night stay at any JO&JOE property worldwide.

Stay with MEININGER Hotels

MEININGER Hotels is a unique hotel product combining the service and comfort of an international hotel with the affordability and features of a hostel.

Take the survey to win a two-night stay for two guests in any MEININGER Hotels property worldwide.

Read about MEININGER Hotels' commitment to sustainability

MEININGER Hotels has strategically integrated sustainability into its business operations while currently working upon a sustainability program, which is being monitored and annually adapted, as well as celebrating diversity and inclusion. The company has taken numerous initiatives, such as avoiding single-use plastic and continuously reducing waste (e.g., RECUP collaboration—a deposit system for reusable coffee cups). MEININGER Hotels has improved recycling streams, supported biodiversity (e.g., via keeping beehives), achieved hundreds of corporate volunteering hours with local organizations and partners, and introduced a “room cleaning only upon request” service.

Corporate social responsibility has been essential since MEININGER Hotels’ incorporation and is reflected upon the company’s core values as well as guiding principles.In 2019, a Sustainability Team was established and has been closely working with units across the company in order to spread the notion of sustainability since then.The company is also an official supporter of the Hotel Sustainability Basics; a globally recognized set of sustainability indicators for hotels by the World Travel & Tourism Council and Sustainability Hospitality Alliance.

For more information on the company’s sustainability journey, please click here.




Flight voucher courtesy of InterExchange

InterExchange is a leading not-for-profit international exchange organisation that promotes cross-cultural awareness and understanding through international work, teach and volunteer exchange programmes.

Take the survey and win a USD 250 flight voucher.


Travel cash courtesy of World Nomads

World Nomads Travel Insurance has been supporting and inspiring independent travellers since 2002. It offers simple, flexible travel insurance for independent travellers and intrepid families. Buy, extend and claim online anywhere in the world.*

Fill out the New Horizons survey for a chance to win EUR 500 towards your next travel adventure from World Nomads Travel Insurance.

*Travel insurance doesn’t cover everything. All of the information provided is a brief summary. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the plans described. Coverage may not be the same or available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.


Topo Designs Global Travel kit

Topo Designs, a Colorado-based Outdoor Brand offering sustainable, durable apparel and accessories. They are rooted in mountain culture, love exploring cities and world travel with the mission to inspire more people to get outside by integrating the outdoors seamlessly into life.

One lucky person who completes the survey will win a Topo Designs global travel bag roller, global briefcase and pack bags to take on their next trip.

Read about Topo Design's commitment to sustainability

We believe that the planet, and the people on it should come first in the creation of our high-quality products, our efforts center around 3 pillars: people, process and product.

Sustainability at Topo Designs isn’t simply a new concept that’s inserted into The New Outdoor™, it’s an underlying pillar we’ve been cross-checking against since our beginnings, starting at the very core with building high-quality, long-lasting, durable products.

Our Fair Wear is certified product, meeting fair labor standards for the safety, health, and wellness of employees. 100% recycled materials with high abrasion resistance, equating to a longer product lifespan. Fabrics from certified dye mills, ensuring the chemical composition of textile products consists of healthy and safe materials. YKK heavy-duty zippers for durability.

By 2026, 100% carbon neutral by offsetting emissions through reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects that sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

All products made and sold by Topo Designs will have consumer-facing environmental impact metrics to evaluate and improve our supply chain and product lifecycle (powered by Green Story).




New Horizons 2023 - Partner

Carbon removal package courtesy of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Tomorrow’s Air is an industry-first collective educating and inspiring people to travel climate conscious and clean carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing it permanently. Tomorrow’s Air orders carbon removal with permanent storage through its portfolio of carbon removal technology partners.

Fill out the New Horizons survey for a chance to win a 750kg Carbon Removal Package from Tomorrow’s Air.

Tomorrow’s Air is owned by the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Learn more about the Tomorrow’s Air approach.

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