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Educatius launches Community Impact Fund Competition to empower global youth
WYSE News | February 27, 2024

To celebrate the transformative power of international education, Educatius has announced the launch of its Community Impact Fund Competition, challenging young minds to be inspired globally and act locally. This competition is an open call to Educatius’ international high school exchange students and alumni to leverage their unique cross-border education and propose innovative projects that can make a tangible difference in their communities.

A Vision for Change

The Educatius Community Impact Fund Competition is not just another contest; it’s a platform for action. It invites young participants to dream big and submit proposals that can make a positive difference – inspired by their international high school exchange experience. Whether to revitalize a local park, kickstart an educational program for vulnerable children, or spearhead a community recycling initiative – the goal is to ignite a spark that will light the way for others to follow, turning dreams of a better world into actionable plans.

A Difference Inspired by Studying Abroad

From March 1 to March 31, 2024, Educatius is calling on its students and alumni to submit their proposals online to win the $5,000 USD grant. The competition seeks ideas that are not only inspired by the participants’ high school experiences abroad, but also demonstrate a plan for utilizing the grant to achieve success. An international panel of judges will review the submissions, selecting three finalists to attend a Global Skills Prep Camp online. Ultimately, one winner will be chosen to receive the grant and mentorship, activating the power of youth and international education in fostering community impact.

Beyond Academics: Shaping Global Citizens

Educatius’ mission extends far beyond the classroom. The organization is dedicated to nurturing global citizens equipped to address the world’s challenges head-on. Participants in Educatius’ high school programs abroad gain global perspectives, academic advantages, cultural exchange opportunities, and personal growth experiences that collectively prepare them to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

Join the Movement

Educatius is calling on young visionaries to apply for the Community Impact Fund Competition. It’s an opportunity to not only make an impact but also to embark on a journey of personal and social transformation. The world is waiting for fresh ideas and passionate action – and it starts with our youth.

For more information on how to apply, visit Educatius’ official competition page. Say yes to making a positive impact!

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