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A one-voice

We are the only global body that brings together all major players in the youth, student and educational travel industry, enabling you to speak to governments and international bodies with one voice.

We raise awareness of youth and student travel as one of the fastest growing sectors within travel and tourism, supporting 67 million jobs and generating 2.4% of global GDP.

When advocating on behalf of the industry, we champion policies that are inclusive, pro – growth and based on solid research.

COVID-19 10-point youth travel recovery plan

WYSE Travel Confederation calls on governments to support travel and tourism businesses based on our Ten-Point Youth Travel Recovery Plan, originally published in May 2020.

The Cultural Exchange best practice working group

The Cultural Exchange Working Group was established in August 2020 with the aim of facilitating dialogue and enhancing collaboration between WYSE. This group is committed to delivering best practice recommendations in order that businesses within the sector are in the best possible shape to withstand and effectively respond to potential challenges.

San Diego Declaration

During the 2012 World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) held in San Diego, USA, WYSE Travel Confederation hosted a roundtable discussion with UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and government representatives on the state of the global youth travel industry. The outcome of the meeting was the San Diego Declaration on Youth, Student and Educational Travel, a landmark position paper that outlined key recommendations to support the growth of the youth travel industry, benefit destinations, and enable more young people to travel.

Sydney Declaration

Against the backdrop of increasing consolidation of major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), a group of leading hostels and industry associations met during WYSTC Sydney in 2013 to formulate a position statement regarding online distribution practices.


WYSE Travel Confederation’s development grant programme – WYSE Up! – is a worldwide challenge for innovative organisations new to our community, bringing them the chance for fast-track entrance to the heart of the global youth travel industry.


Travel Safety for LGBTQ+ Travellers

The LGBTQ+ community should be free and safe to travel anywhere, but unfortunately that’s not the case. While significant strides have been made in advancing LGBTQ+ rights worldwide, the experience of LGBTQ+ travelers is still marred by challenges related to discrimination, safety concerns, and legal disparities.