WYSE Podcasts

Ask Us Anything is a periodic podcast by WYSE Travel Confederation.

Sascha Dimitriewicz,
Raphaela Böck &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Raphaela and Sascha of Wombat’s City Hostels about the future of youth travel and hostels.

Patricia Brunner &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Patricia of IAPA about the big shifts and game changers in cultural exchange.

Terri Hamilton &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Terri of Brigham Young University about how study abroad is looking post-COVID.

Clare Weston &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Clare of Kilroy about which travel destinations and experiences are currently in demand, ahead of WYSTC 2022.

Fabiana Martilotta &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Fabiana of Viajeros Sin Fronteras about what’s going on in the student travel market of Uruguay ahead of WYSTC 2022.

Philip Cabra Netherton &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Philip of Euroventure, GOAT Roadtrip and now Refugee Travel about pivoting a small business amidst crisis and putting peer-to-peer networks to work for good.

Callum Kennedy &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Callum Kennedy of Kennedy Mears Consultants about his life-long career in work & travel and cultural exchanges. September 2021.

Ann-Kristin Cohrs &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Ann-Kristin Cohrs, Managing Director at AuPairWorld about the PROYOUTH VISA campaign. July 2021.

Brian Westwood &
Wendy Morrill

Wendy talks to Brian Westwood, GM, Marketing and Sales at YHA New Zealand. April 2021.

Prof. Greg Richards &
Wendy Morrill

A periodic podcast by WYSE exploring topics of interest to the youth travel industry. Recorded at WYSTC 2020 Online.

WYSTC Podcast series

During the 2019 World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) hosted by WYSE Travel Confederation, Kevin O’Shaughnessy of CityHook interviewed eight movers and shakers in the youth travel sector. From the perseverance required to succeed as an entrepreneur to finding your people in the industry and raising capital, hear from representatives of some of the companies changing the face of youth travel.

WYSTC Episode 1

Gillian Morris
CEO & Founder, Hitlist

Investors said she couldn’t make money on flights for three reasons, but she went ahead and built a profitable B2C business by debunking them.
During this interview with Gillian Morris, CEO of Hitlist and keynote speaker at WYSTC 2019, Kevin O’Shaughnessy (Cityhook) explores the development, back-end workings, and magical viral coefficient of the mobile app that tells you when to fly to destinations on your travel wish list for the best price.

WYSTC Episode 2

Jack Bowcott
Co-Founder, goki

During this interview with the Co-Founder and CEO of smart hostel tech provider goki, Jack Bowcott explains the transition of the business from a ‘Tinder for tourists’ to a magical spark between hostel and backpacker. He also offers advice to startups seeking investment funding (stay away from tacos), recounts the trials and tribulations of being a door-to-door lock salesman on world tour, and reveals the one critical flaw of hostel tech that left him half naked.

WYSTC Episode 3

Janice Sousa
Co-Founder, Groupdesk

Janice Sousa, Co-Founder of Groupdesk, discusses the dark side of group travel and the tech available to service it with Kevin O’Shaughnessy of Cityhook. She also shares her opinions on NDC’s likely impact on the travel industry, and how to select the right industry events for your business goals.

WYSTC Episode 4

Michael Weiss
Co-Founder, bitemojo

Passionate foodie entrepreneur Michael Weiss discusses the unique characteristics of independent cultural discovery through culinary experiences in this very personal episode of the WYSTC 2019 podcast series. Michael shares his advice on ‘going niche’, building B2B relationships, how startups can take advantage of WYSTC, and one of the best decisions the company made last year… hint: it was joining a community called WYSE Travel Confederation.