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The WYSE Travel Confederation Sector Panels represent the interests of the members within a specific business sector: Accommodation, Cultural Exchange, Study Abroad and Travel Safety.

The Sector Panels are here to guide and provide our community with information and advice on sector-specific issues, research, business, policy and trading opportunities. They advocate on behalf of the industry and help to promote our work.

Sector Panels are made up of up to five industry professionals, including a chairperson who is represented with voting rights by sitting on the WYSE Travel Confederation Management Board. All Sector Panel members serve a three years term and are selected from Elite, Full, Buyer and Service Provider members before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at a Meeting of Members of a Specific Category.

WYSE members are allocated up to two Sector Panels that best represent their organisation’s interests.

Aims and objectives

  • To represent the member needs within the specific industry sector
  • To act as ambassadors for WYSE Travel Confederation, supporting the work it undertakes and providing valuable insights to the community.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Represent the interests of the members
  • Mentor the on-board of new members
  • Provide advice on industry-specific issues and business opportunities
  • Advocate on behalf of the industry and specific business sector
  • Help promote the work of WYSE Travel Confederation
  • Be the eyes and ears of WYSE Travel Confederation for sector-specific information and news

WYSE Travel Confederation Sector Panels

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WYSE Travel Confederation Cultural Exchange Sector Panels
Cultural Exchange
WYSE Travel Confederation Study Abroad Sector Panels
Study Abroad
WYSE Travel Confederation Travel Safety Sector Panels
Travel Safety