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International Nightlife Association creates first Faculty of Nightlife Studies
WYSE News | April 9, 2024

The International Nightlife Association (INA), together with Appleton Private University, has created the first Faculty of Nightlife Studies in the world, marking a milestone in the nightlife industry.

This initiative, whose main objective is to promote academic excellence, the professionalization of the sector as well as innovation and compliance with the regulatory standards of the sector, will undoubtedly contribute to an improvement in the image of a sector that has always been stigmatized, contributing to a very important benefit for both the industry and its workers and customers. This is another step towards excellence, complementing international distinctions such as the Triple Excellence in Nightlife or events such as the Golden Moon Awards promoted by the INA for years to promote quality and excellence in the sector.

The recently created Faculty, guided by fundamental principles, offers high-quality training, fosters innovation and constant progress, and prioritizes safety and social responsibility in nightlife. All this makes nightlife stand out as a global reference in the training and development of professionals in the field of nightlife entertainment.

This brand-new faculty, which will become a reality by the beginning of 2025 and offer online courses in English and Spanish, is projected to become a global leader in comprehensive and specialized training in the nightlife industry. It aims to promote a dynamic and enriching learning environment for all those involved in the nightlife sector, both those who work in it and professionals from other fields, such as civil servants, architects, engineers, or lawyers.

As Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association, explains, “The creation of this faculty aims to offer high-quality academic programs, establish strategic alliances to strengthen employment and attract and retain talent in the sector, promote research and the generation of innovative knowledge, and promote awareness of safety and responsibility in nightlife.”

José M. Castelo-Appleton, Founder and Dean of Appleton Private University, explained that “this new and innovative faculty will offer nine degrees, equivalent to 60 university credits, including those in the management and direction of nightlife venues, artistic booking, planning and management of festivals, marketing, urban planning and management, as well as security in the nightlife sector. It will also incorporate a master’s program in the acoustic management of nightlife.”

Mr. Castelo-Appleton continued, “The primary objective of this new educational initiative is to provide comprehensive, innovative, and cutting-edge training to develop professionals capable of leading and positively transforming an ever-evolving industry. The program is committed to excellence, technological advancements, safety, coexistence, and compliance with regulations”.