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We are committed to understanding the ever-changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers. By gathering and analysing market intelligence, WYSE Travel Confederation helps members to meet the unique and fast-changing needs of the millennial and Gen Z travel markets.

Our research aims to provide the youth travel community with the data and market intelligence it needs to develop the policies, services, and products that make international travel and educational experiences exciting, safe, accessible and affordable for young people.

Developing a new product, looking for new partners, launching in a new destination or wondering how to attract young travellers? Speak to us about carrying out bespoke research, analyses and reports.

Spotlight on New Horizons: The global study of youth and student travel

Since its inception in 2002, New Horizons has provided insight to travel agents, suppliers, destination marketers, policymakers and other stakeholders of the travel and tourism industry. The New Horizons survey combines information on the social and cultural aspects of young travellers (backgrounds, motivations, and experiences) with data on travel behaviours (purchasing, booking, product search and destinations visited).

The fifth iteration of New Horizons will be conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation in early 2023. To find out more and collaborate, click here.

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Webinar library

What to expect from travel insurance in 2022 and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated developments and conversations around a variety of issues related to safety, health and wellness while travelling.

Stronger together: Best practice for crisis management

Is your youth travel organisation prepared to properly manage a crisis? The Best Practice Working Group of WYSE Travel Confederation’s Cultural Exchange Sector Panel discusses best practices for crisis management, sharing actionable insights.

Post-COVID conditioning: Tracking and understanding hostel performance in 2021

Join benchmarking provider STR as they detail how to track and benchmark recovery and check in on hostel performance across Europe, with a special dive into London.

Wondering how to move your travel programme online?

Online global learning experiences have become a popular solution, but will they become the trend over the long term and is it worthwhile for you to invest time and resources in virtual engagement?

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