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COVID-19 Travel Business Impact Series

The COVID-19 Travel Business Impact series provides insight into the effects of the global health crisis on the youth travel industry.

September 2021

  • What’s the message 18+ months into COVID-19?
  • Youth and student travel 18 months into the global COVID-19 crisis

February 2021

  • Responsible youth travel and COVID-19
  • Projecting the recovery timeline for youth travel

September 2020

  • Sustainable travel goals and the youth travel industry
  • Hostel accommodation in 2021, according to buyers
  • Travel product development in the face of the pandemic

August 2020

  • August overview
  • When and where will recovery begin?
  • Investment in digital shift stymied drop in demand for youth travel programmes

July 2020

  • July overview
  • Social distancing equates to 66% drop in revenue for youth travel accommodation
  • Impact of visas goes beyond cultural exchange programmes

June 2020

  • June overview
  • Spotlight on educational and cultural travel after US suspends visas
  • A small turning point for the youth travel industry, but hopes are mostly set on 2021

May 2020

  • May overview
  • Marketing youth travel in a crisis
  • Increased focus on visa regulations
  • Outlook worsens and financial aid is not the only investment governments should make

April 2020

  • April overview
  • Q2 worse across globe, but some source markets expecting better for the whole of 2020
  • Staff cuts, location closures and short survival periods
  • Satisfaction with COVID-19 cooperation, but placement availability concerns rise

March 2020

  • March overview
  • Looking bacjk in order to see ahead
  • Business outlook by youth travel sector
  • Youth travel anticipating 30% decrease in business for 2020