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Accommodation Panel topics of discussion Q1 2024
WYSE Accommodation Panel on gender identity, student accommodation and female travel
WYSE News | February 29, 2024

The WYSE Travel Confederation Accommodation Panel gets together every few weeks to catch up on what’s going on in the accommodation sector; the latest trends, what’s shaking up the industry, and the hurdles that need to be overcome.

Below is a look at some of the recent topics that have arisen during Q1 2024. If you would like to contribute to any of these topics, our Membership team would be delighted to hear from you. 

Gender Identity Considerations in Hostel Policies
  • During our panel session on January 11, 2024, discussions centered around gender identity complexities in hostel accommodations.
  • Brianda from Hostelling International detailed their approach to offering both mixed and gender-specific dorms.
  • Hostelling International conducted a comprehensive audit in Canada and hosted a focused webinar, highlighting the nuanced nature of the gender identity issue.
  • The ongoing discourse aims to include insights from hostels that have transitioned away from gendered dorms and perspectives from LGBT associations.
  • Kevin from the University of Bath shared how they provide tailored accommodation options, such as quiet flats, alcohol-free environments, and housing without gender specifications, showing their dedication to enriching the student experience and fostering a strong sense of belonging within the Bath community.
The Rising Cost of Student Accommodation in the UK and Ireland
The Surge of Female Solo Travel: Freedom and Empowerment
  • The panel also shone a light on the increasing trend of female solo travel within the hospitality sector.
  • Diogo highlighted intriguing statistics evidencing this surge. Discussions revolved around hostel adaptability in terms of product offerings, design enhancements, hygiene standards, and safety measures to support this empowering movement.
  • Hostelling International reaffirmed their commitment to safety and comfort for all, with established security protocols and well-thought-out facilities, including female dorms and privacy-conscious bathing options.
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