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New Horizons 5 FAQs

What is New Horizons?

New Horizons is the only recurring global survey of the youth, student and educational travel market. The aim of New Horizons is to provide an overview of the youth travel market, which WYSE Travel Confederation has estimated to account for 23% of international arrivals.

How long is the New Horizons 5 survey?

The New Horizons 5 survey requires approximately 25 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions are asked in the New Horizons 5 survey?

The New Horizons 5 survey asks questions about a respondent’s last international trip, such as destination(s), the purpose of and motivation for the trip, travel products and services used during the trip, the cost of such travel products and services, the impact of the international travel experience on the traveller and the behaviours and attitudes related to travel. 

What language is the New Horizons 5 survey available in?

The New Horizons 5 survey is in English. 

How is New Horizons 5 survey data collected and handled?

Data are collected via an online survey tool. WYSE Travel Confederation handles all data collected in strict confidence. Data are only reported in aggregated terms and not identified on an individual basis for any reason.  

Who administers the New Horizons 5 project?

Staff members of WYSE Travel Confederation administer the New Horizons project. 

What is the New Horizons 5 prize draw?

The New Horizons 5 prize draw is a promotional incentive for respondents to participate and complete the survey. Entry to the prize draw is free and automatic upon completion and submission of the survey with a valid email address. To be eligible for any of the prizes in the New Horizons 5 prize draw, the paricipant must be between 18 and 35 years of age. Prizes are not transferable and non-negotiable; cash or credit alternatives will not be offered.  

Why should my organisation use a unique link to the New Horizons 5 survey?

Member organisations that collect 1,000+ responses to the survey will be acknowledged in the New Horizons report.  

How can I showcase my brand as part of the New Horizons 5 project?

Elite Members of WYSE Travel Confederation have several benefits related to the WYSE research programme, including acknowledgement as research sponsors (with their logos included on a variety of New Horizons 5 promotional materials) and the possibility to include an advertisement in the survey or report. If you are interested in these and the other benefits of Elite membership, consider upgrading now.

Does my organisation have to use a unique link to the New Horizons 5 survey?

No, you can use the generic link to the survey at the WYSE Travel Confederation website, however, responses collected by your organisation in this way will not be tracked. 

Are there New Horizons 5 promotional materials for my organisation to use?

Yes, we have a variety of promotional materials available to use. 

When does the New Horizons 5 survey open and close?

The New Horizons 5 survey opens in June 2023 and closes in August 2023. 

When will the New Horizons 5 findings and report be available?

Findings from the New Horizons 5 survey will be presented at WYSTC and published as a report later this year. In the meantime, utilise your membership benefits to access any of our research publications by logging in to the WYSE Member Portal. 

How can my organisation get specific information from the New Horizons 5 survey?

Enquire about a sponsorship package that meets your organisation’s market intelligence needs.