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Welcome to the WYSE Digi-Hub

As the only international organisation for the youth and student travel industry, WYSE Travel Confederation publishes a variety of specialised resources on this unique international travel market, including research publications, webinars and podcasts. 

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Research publications

We provide the youth travel community with the data and market intelligence it needs to develop the policies, services, and products that make international travel and educational experiences exciting, safe, accessible, and affordable for young people. We offer free executive summaries of select publications. Members have access to our full publication library.

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    New Horizons IV
  • Hostels and accommodation for the young traveller
  • New Horizons IV: Work Experience Travel
  • Global Report on the Power of Youth Travel 2016


WYSE webinars dig into some of the hot topics and unique issues of youth and student travel. Presenters are professionals from across the industry, covering marketing, technology, distribution, research, and policy issues. Join an upcoming webinar here


During the 2019 World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) we interviewed eight movers and shakers in youth and student travel. From the entrepreneurial perseverance to finding the right people in the industry and raising capital, hear from the companies changing the field of youth travel.


COVID-19 Travel Business Impact Series

Our COVID-19 Travel Business Impact Survey series was launched in March 2020 in order to understand the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on businesses that serve young travellers. The next survey will run from 1 – 11 May 2020. Findings from this survey series will be published in summary articles. 

  • Travel product development in the face of the pandemic
  • Hostel accommodation in 2021, according to buyers
  • Sustainable Development Goals and the youth travel industry

  • Investment in digital shift stymied drop in demand for youth travel programmes
  • When and where will recovery begin?

  • The impact of visas goes beyond cultural exchange programmes
  • Social distancing equates to 66% drop in revenue for youth travel accommodation

  • June a small turning point for the youth travel industry, but hopes are mostly set on 2021
  • Spotlight on educational and cultural exchange travel after the US suspends visas

  • Outlook worsens and financial aid is not the only investment governments should make
  • Increased focus on visa regulations
  • Marketing youth travel in a crisis
  • Q2 Worse, Some Markets Expecting Better for 2020
  • Staff cuts, location closures and short survival periods
  • Satisfaction with COVID-19 cooperation, but placement availability concerns rise
  • Youth travel anticipating 30% decrease in business for 2020
  • Business outlook by youth travel sector
  • Looking back in order to see ahead