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Tourism Australia have released their latest youth tourism figures for the last six months since December 2012 and they have shown some interesting trends in the market. According to the statistics, which can be found on TA’s website, arrival figures for the youth market from different countries around the world have remained in similar percentile brackets to the end of 2012, with China recording the only real growth (a one per cent increase from 10 to 11 per cent).

touraus-300x190New Zealand remains the country with the most young people visiting Australia (14 per cent), followed by China with 11 per cent and the United Kingdom with eight per cent.

Discernible changes can be seen, however in the purpose of visits. With 44 per cent of all young people visiting Australia now coming to the country for the purpose of holidaying. This rise in the holidaying sector has been offset with a slight fall in the numbers of young people choosing to come to Australia for the purposes of studying.

The increase of young holiday makers into Australia has also seen the average level of expenditure rise to four year highs of $7278 per person, as opposed to $7192 from the previous year.

Another important change is the enormous rise in the number of working holiday visa applications – which have increased for every country of origin (with numbers of travellers big enough to figure in the survey) except for Ireland, compared to the numbers from December 2012.

Please click here to download the Youth Market 2013 Travel Trends (June 2013).