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Protection for globetrotters in times of COVID-19

Jun 4, 2020

Although the travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have not yet been lifted, many globetrotters are eager to start travelling again. Over the last few months, the importance of high-quality international health insurance has become undisputed. DR-WALTER has developed a flexible insurance product to benefit youth travellers as the world begins to open up once more.

The PROTRIP WORLD insurance policy can be individually tailored to a traveller’s destination, security requirements and budget. This ensures a high degree of flexibility: regardless of whether the trip is for educational reasons or tourism, or if an individual prefers standard international health insurance to full assistance coverage, or whether they take out insurance before or after their departure, 

As some travel restrictions begin to be lifted, it is clear that Coronavirus will remain an unavoidable part of our lives for the time being. The PROTRIP-WORLD policy covers the medical treatment required if a traveller falls ill with COVID-19 while traveling, whilst also including the possibility for unlimited extension of insurance coverage for treatment costs if the journey home is delayed due to the virus. The policy can be cancelled free of charge before the insurance start date, and if a young traveller needs to return home earlier than planned, they will be reimbursed for any overpayment made.

Many travellers stranded by the worldwide shutdown are currently facing the problem that their insurance has expired and they cannot get a new policy, as most can only be taken out before departure. By creating a policy that provides coverage to those who are already en route or who make a change to their trip, DR-WALTER hopes to provide reassurance to young travellers.

In the case of health insurance, standard international health insurance can be supplemented with a comfort package consisting of accident, liability, baggage and assistance insurance. The comprehensive assistance services give parents peace of mind: the emergency hotline is available 24/7 and organising possible hospital stays and return transports is part of the service.

Claudia Reichstein, Head of International Programs at DR-WALTER, is delighted to announce that the PROTRIP WORLD policy has been optimised: “We have been frequently asked by our customers to provide them with a tariff that is valid no matter why they have to start or cancel their trip, and which even latecomers from abroad can take out. There is already great uncertainty due to Coronavirus, so we are very proud to be able to open up the world again to young people via increased security when traveling,” said Claudia.

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