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In light of two recent violent attacks with casualties in the UK, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has issued a reminder of vigilance for establishments in densely populated areas. SIA recommends businesses and employees be proactive in challenging visitors, vehicles and anything out of place and consider the following options particularly around crowded places, night time economy and iconic sites:

  • Review patrol strategy (be unpredictable). Adopt high visibility clothing
  • Brigade resources with neighbouring contracts/buildings
  • Report any suspicious activity in a timely manner. Early reporting of suspected hostile reconnaissance is vital in combating terrorism
  • Implement communication links with surrounding premises to pass on information about suspicious activity/behaviour
  • Consider closing non-essential access and exit points
  • Focus CCTV on all communal areas and vulnerable points
  • Ensure CCTV is fit for purpose

SIA has additional resources for training hospitality personnel to be aware and assess security threats. According to the UK government, the threat to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from international terrorism is currently severe.

WYSE Travel Confederation research has consistently found that, even when faced with political unrest, economic problems or epidemics, the youth travel market proves to be resilient and rebound faster than other traveller demographics. Young travellers comprise an estimated 23% of all international arrivals and are estimated to contribute more than $400 billion (USD) in tourism spending by 2020.