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Shakthi Eurasia Exchange was established in 2013 in a small coastal town called Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka. The organisation is mainly engaging in international students based travel programs while acting as a leading force in community development and wild life supported conservation projects. They also provide the services of home stay, yoga and meditation programs and cultural exchange programs. Specialising in providing safe, affordable volunteer travel opportunities from 1 to 24 weeks in child care and teaching, health services and wild life supported volunteering projects, while working with local communities in the developing world towards long term sustainable goals.

“We believe there is no way to travel without making a positive impact on the world.”

Currently receiving on average 600 international students per year, they work hard to ensure that their volunteering opportunities are truly affordable. Their structured programmes create the perfect platform for young travellers to see the world, meet like-minded people and engage in meaningful volunteering work. Furthermore, every project is regularly risk-assessed by the management team to ensure the set up is safe and that volunteers are making a positive impact in the community.

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