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Kazakhstan Сouncil for Educational Travel agencylogo JPG has got an extensive experience in the programs of cultural exchange by visas J1. KCET has been working for 17 years with the following programs: Work and Travel, Internships, AU PAIR, Camp Councilor. The company sends about 500 students by the program “Summer Work and Travel” every year from Kazakhstan and about 200 students from Kyrgyzstan, 50 students by “Internship USA” Program in the United States.

“We provide variety of events for all the students – free of charge English Language Courses, twice a week for a month, the Work and Travel Party from KCET, where all students can meet each other, learn from those who have already travelled in the US. KCET helps all the students with registration of all the documents by the program, opening visas, making interview appointments at the Embassy, booking tickets and preparing their travel to the US. KCET experience allows performing all duties to their clients competently, quickly and accurately.”

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