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Siddaharth SuriWYSE Travel Confederation member Explorars is an organisation that designs educational travel – in partnership with educators – for students to domestic and international destinations.

We spoke to Explorars Founder and Director Siddharth Suri to learn more.

Tell us your story. How did your business get started?

Most companies in this space are offering leisure packaged as educational travel. Explorars programs on the other hand are designed with inputs from educators, and all our programs have four core elements which we define as ULeaP (Unique Learning Potential): Curriculum Connect, Life Skills, Social and Environmental Sensitivity (SENSE) and a whole lot of Fun. We include interventions by actively engaging with subject experts and have a strong focus on safety, keeping in mind the age group (ages 5 to 18).

What are some of your success stories?

Having started operations less than a year ago, with a lean yet passionate team, we have already conducted programs for prestigious schools, and have a strong pipeline. Our first school has already signed up for its next trip which is testimony of our commitment to deliver on the Explorars promise. In a short period of time we have developed a world class brand, programme framework, website and a very rich and diverse range of programmes due to the high quality and professional experience of the  founding leadership team. Also within one year we have set up our second office in Dubai, UAE in addition to our office in Delhi, India.

What are your future plans?

Our mission is to transform learning for youthful consumers, through travel, by being a leader in the field of experiential education and  thereby helping them learn about life and living. We have expanded our operations to the UAE based out of Dubai and believe that we will be able to achieve our target of annual revenues in excess of USD 10 million in the next three years based on our differentiated offering.


Which trends and challenges do you see in the youth travel sector?

The key challenge we perceive is that with India still being an emerging market, educational travel is still considered a “nice to do activity” as opposed to being embedded in the curriculum. This is magnified due to the absence of companies providing genuine learning programs and professionals with an in-depth understanding of the industry.

What was your motivation to join WYSE Travel Confederation?

Our objective is to provide our young student travellers with world class experiential learning programmes. We believe that for this to happen we need to access domain experts and industry expertise. WYSETC provides us with the ideal platform to reach out to best-in-class in the field of youth and educational travel and provides us with invaluable business and consumer insights to help design unique programs to complement our portfolio.

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Any top tips for people starting out in the youth travel sector?

To succeed in this industry, in emerging markets, it is vital to actively participate in creating awareness about the well established benefits of experiential learning through travel to all key stakeholders; educational institutions, planning bodies, parents and students. The challenge is not gaining market share but working together in expanding the market and awareness.

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