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Wondering how to move your travel
programme online?


Dr Heidi Barends, EDU Africa
Barry Rawlings, EDU Africa
Dr André Siffert, Campus B

Many universities and their partners have been pushed to move international educational programmes online due to COVID-19 distancing measures required on campus and global travel restrictions. Online global learning experiences have become a popular solution, but will they become the trend over the long term and is it worthwhile for you to invest time and resources in virtual engagement? Join EDU Africa for a discussion about why and how to try virtual programmes.

Two modes of virtual engagement will be discussed: faculty-led virtual exchange sessions and virtual internships. You’ll learn what these two modes look like, hear the logic and procedures behind case studies and discover practical tips on how to set up your own programme and work with suppliers to co-create virtual engagement opportunities.

Members of WYSE Travel Confederation are invited to this session presented by the Study Abroad Panel.

Dr Heidi Barends

Academic Director

EDU Africa
Heidi serves as EDU Africa’s Academic Director, overseeing various facets of academic programming across regions and keeping abreast of innovative and pertinent transformative learning practices. Before joining EDU Africa Heidi was involved in research and teaching at the University of Cape Town from 2014 to 2018. She was a faculty member at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology from 2015 to 2018.

Barry Rawlings

Co-Founder & Managing Director

EDU Africa
Barry is EDU Africa’s Managing Director and Co-Founder. He currently serves on the WYSE Travel Confederation Study Abroad Panel. Barry studies social science at the University of Cape Town before pursuing postgraduate studies in global learning and development education. He is deeply passionate about community development and meaningful cross-cultural engagement, at his happiest when able to connect personally with EDU Africa’s students and academics. Barry is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Dr André Siffert

Campus B
For the least 10 years, André has been involved in the field of international higher education, including the areas of teaching, counselling, recruitment, researching and study abroad. His experience reaches from the USA to China and Brazil. Currently he works for Campus B leading strategic partnerships with universities across the world and supporting the development of experiential learning initiatives in South America. André holds a PhD in International Relations from Jilin University (China) and MBA/BS in Marketing from Lewis University (USA).