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Industry Review #7: Pricing II

Published September 2015

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Research categories: Accommodation, Language programmes, Trade

Industry Review No. 7 – Pricing II features the global market intelligence as of Q2 2015 on pricing in the youth and student travel industry. Product/programme prices representative of six sectors are compared and contextualised from the perspective of consumers in various global markets utilising a purchasing index.

  • Language travel
  • Work experience/exchange
  • Higher Education
  • Volunteer travel
  • Adventure travel
  • Youth travel accommodation.
Key takeaways

The report builds on earlier research on pricing published in 2011 as Industry Review No. 2 – Pricing and comments on observed market fluctuations. Key findings cover:

  • Most and least expensive cities for a hostel stay
  • Changes in adventure travel retail prices
  • Comparison of US Summer Work Travel and other working holiday programme fees
  • Cost allocations for various products/programmes
  • Variations in tuition costs for undergraduate study abroad programmes
  • Comparison of retail prices of English language learning courses in London and Sydney.

Page count: 48

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