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ImpacTrip | WYSE Travel Confederation member 2024
Welcome to our new member – ImpacTrip
WYSE News | May 23, 2024

ImpacTrip is a Social Enterprise, certified as B-Corp, that promotes Volunteer Programs & Responsible Travel Experiences in Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Greece.

1. What sets ImpacTrip apart from its competitors?

We set ourselves apart through our commitment to creating positive impact. Every experience creates positive change and the aim is to create changemakers.

We prioritize the quality of our programs, consistently challenging our methods and ideas to enhance our positive impact. Our dedication to assessing and measuring our social and environmental contributions, with special focus on local needs, ensures that our travel experiences are meaningful and beneficial to the communities we serve, creating a positive impact in the communities we are in.

2. How do you ensure that the volunteer projects are meaningful and impactful for both the community and the volunteers?

We have 700+ partnerships with non-profits around Europe and we try to co-create as much as possible with them.

We ensure our volunteer projects are meaningful and impactful by constantly assessing the needs of local associations and organizations. We don’t just look at immediate needs but also focus on long-term goals we can achieve together. Every year, we meet to review KPIs and brainstorm new ideas for deeper collaboration. This ongoing partnership ensures that both the community and the volunteers benefit in a truly meaningful way.

3. You have been in business since 2015; how do you think you have had to adapt to changing travel trends to stay relevant in the youth travel industry?

Since 2015, we’ve adapted to changing travel trends by staying in constant contact with volunteers, our team across Europe, partners, and the amazing people we meet. Their feedback helps us think creatively and stay focused on our mission. This ongoing dialogue allows us to evolve, meet new challenges, and remain relevant and impactful in the youth travel industry.

We have created different programs over the years depending on the most pressing needs and we aim to continue to create new ones every year. Our next destination is the Azores islands!

4. How do you encourage volunteers to stay engaged and continue contributing to social causes after their trip?

We keep volunteers engaged by making sure their experiences are meaningful and memorable. Besides the volunteer work, we organize extra activities and tours, and hold sharing circles where volunteers can talk about their experiences with coordinators. These discussions help them reflect on the impact of their work. We aim to inspire them to take what they’ve learned and apply it back home, creating a ripple effect of positive change in their own communities.

To measure this we conduct a long-term impact analysis so we can understand the long-lasting impact of these programs. We are very proud of the results.

Member snapshot

The company was founded in 2015 by two dedicated social entrepreneurs that wanted to change the way people travel, ImpacTrip combines incredible travel experiences with the ability to make a positive social and environmental impact. Read more

Membership type: Associate member
Country: Portugal

Impactrip | WYSE Travel Confederationmember 2024