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Welcome to our new member Ediphi | WYSE Travel Confederation |
Welcome to our new member Ediphi
WYSE News | February 18, 2024

At Ediphi, we provide students with leading-edge career training through international and virtual internships, in partnership with schools and businesses across the globe. Powered by transformational immersive technologies such as VR and AI, our solutions provide access to education and pathways to leadership wherever students live and learn.

1. Can you elaborate a little more on who you are and how Ediphi started?

With roots deeply embedded in the hotel industry, Cristina and Vanessa embarked on their careers with a focus on different yet pivotal sectors. Cristina honed her expertise in operations, ensuring the seamless functioning and high-quality service that hotels pride themselves on. Vanessa, on the other hand, excelled in sales, driving revenue and crafting experiences that attracted guests from around the globe.

Their combined experiences not only equipped them with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality sector but also laid a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey with Ediphi, where they leverage their insights to prepare the next generation for success in hospitality and tourism.

2. You have been in business for a few years now – how do you think you have had to adapt to changing travel trends and stay relevant in the youth travel industry?

Adapting to changing travel trends and maintaining relevance in the youth travel industry requires constant vigilance and flexibility. Here are key strategies that have been instrumental in navigating these changes:

Embracing Digital Innovation
With technology evolving rapidly, incorporating digital tools and platforms into our services has been crucial. From virtual reality tours that preview destinations to mobile apps that offer personalized travel itineraries, staying ahead technologically enhances the experience for tech-savvy youth travelers.

Sustainability Practices
As environmental concerns become increasingly important to young travelers, integrating sustainable practices into our offerings has been essential. This includes promoting eco-friendly accommodations, supporting local communities, and encouraging responsible tourism behaviors.

Personalized Experiences
Recognizing the growing demand for unique and authentic travel experiences, we’ve focused on offering customized itineraries. By leveraging data analytics, we tailor travel experiences that align with individual preferences, ranging from adventure activities to cultural immersion programs.

Partnerships and Collaborations
Establishing partnerships with educational institutions, local businesses, and other travel organizations has allowed us to offer a broader range of experiences and internships. These collaborations ensure our offerings are diverse, educational, and aligned with current industry standards.

Adapting to Market Shifts
The travel preferences of young people are constantly changing, influenced by social media, global events, and cultural trends. Keeping a pulse on these
shifts and being ready to adjust our offerings accordingly has been key to staying relevant.

Focus on Safety and Well-being
Especially in light of global health concerns, emphasizing the safety and well-being of travelers has become more important than ever. Implementing comprehensive health and safety protocols and offering support throughout their journey reassures parents and students alike.

By focusing on these areas, we’ve been able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the youth travel industry, ensuring that our offerings remain appealing, relevant, and responsive to the needs and values of young travelers

3. You seem to use technology in your approach to training participants; how do you feel the recent development of AI has affected your organisation and the industry you work in?

The integration of AI, notably through our use of responsive AI avatars, has significantly transformed our training approach and the hospitality industry at large. These avatars offer instant feedback and personalized training experiences, leading to valuable credentials. AI enables the creation of customized training pathways and provides hotels with a comprehensive overview of their employees’ skills and aspirations. This innovation supports a more tailored workforce development strategy, allowing hotels to better support their employees.

The impact of AI extends beyond training efficiency; it revolutionizes workforce management and development, promising a future of more engaged, satisfied, and skilled hospitality professionals.

4. What sets Ediphi apart from its competitors?

Ediphi stands out with its holistic full-circle approach, integrating cutting-edge VR and AI technology in training, facilitating international internships, and providing continuous support through host companies. Our platform unifies stakeholders—universities, trainees, hotels, and employees—promoting seamless collaboration.

We prioritize personalized growth plans and leadership pathways, focusing on developing skills and unlocking each worker’s potential. This method not only prepares trainees more effectively for the hospitality industry but also ensures their continuous advancement, benefiting all involved by maximizing the skills and potential of the workforce, thereby driving the entire sector forward with innovation and comprehensive support.

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At Ediphi, we provide students with leading-edge career training through international and virtual internships, in partnership with schools and businesses across the globe read more.

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