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Top 10 WYSE news articles from 2023
WYSE News | December 21, 2023

The rise of digital nomads, identified as a niche market in 2017, has surged to around 35 million globally in 2022, influencing travel behaviors, co-working trends, and visa programmes. This dynamic shift, highlighted in the New Horizons IV study by WYSE Travel Confederation, reflects the growing convergence of work and travel preferences. Read more

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In April, a significant enhancement to the Exchange Visitor Program was announced, by allowing designated sponsors to digitally sign and electronically transmit the DS-2019 form. This change was anticipated to streamline visa processing, cut costs related to courier services, and enhance overall operational efficiency for Exchange Program Sponsors.Read more

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In January, Tourism Adventure Group (TAG) merged Base Backpackers and Nomads to elevate the guest experience in response to 2023 traveler expectations, introducing upgrades, Nomads Stayspaces™, and expanding to new locations, including the recently opened property in Krabi, Thailand. Read more

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Copenhagen-based youth travel agency KILROY has launched in the UK in March, offering unique backpacking and adventure experiences to the youth market, tapping into the growing demand for tailored and meaningful travel experiences among young UK travellers. Read more

Top 10 articles of 2023 | WYSE Travel Confederation |

ChatGPT’s capabilities were tested in an interview with WYSE Travel Confederation, exploring the potential of leveraging the AI model for enhanced customer experiences and personalised services in the dynamic landscape of youth travel. Read more

Top 10 news articles from 2023 | WYSE Travel Confederation

May’s announcement of a 21% hike in Australia’s Working Holiday Maker visa cost, from $510 to $640, dealt a blow to the youth tourism sector, compounding challenges like visa caps and the end of a temporary 30% increase in caps on the Work & Holiday 462 visa-subclass in 2022/23, hindering industry recovery. Read more

Top 10 articles of 2023 | WYSE Travel Confederation |

The exploration of youth travel dynamics emphasises destination preferences and challenges in predicting popular spots using Holidu’s Generational Travel Index. Contrasting this with WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons survey data, it provides insights into post-pandemic changes. Read more


Announced prior WYSTC 2023, the programme aims to facilitate partnerships and collaborations, providing a platform for organisations to showcase their brands and build relationships with influencers, recognising the growing influence of social media in travel decision. Read more

WYSE Travel Confederation launches WYSTC Influencer Programme

Nina Slupphaug from Educatius Group challenges norms in secondary school exchange programmes, advocating for normalised mental health care and adapting programmes to support students’ evolving needs. Read more

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WYSE Travel Confederation’s March press release underscores the lasting impact of youth travel, representing 23% of international arrivals in 2019, with a significant surge from under 150 million trips in 2002 to over 330 million in 2019. Read more

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