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Coming in 2023: New Horizons 5, the global study of youth and student travel
WYSE News | November 28, 2022

The youth traveller stays longer and spends more, but how do we know this? Twenty years of the study dedicated to understanding young travellers, New Horizons.

The fifth iteration of the New Horizons, the global study of youth and student travel, will be conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation in early 2023. The aim of the study is to update our global overview of the youth and student travel market, which is estimated to represent roughly 23% of international arrivals.

Stereotypes and sweeping statements about young people are now plentiful and we hear a lot about the attitudes and behaviours of Gen Z and Millennials. However, this was not always so – especially regarding travel and tourism. WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons study has been an essential tool for some of the most successful travel organisations in the youth marketplace over the last two decades.

New Horizons is the only recurring global survey of the under-30 travel market. Since its first edition in 2002, New Horizons has expanded in both scale and scope, going from 2,300 responses in 2002 to 57,000 in the 2017 edition, New Horizons IV.

New Horizons publications are free for Members of WYSE Travel Confederation.

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New Horizons was the first-ever global study of youth and student travellers using primary research. Started in 1999, it was then accepted that this young segment of travellers was growing fast, but there was little independent data to quantify a global picture. As a result, WYSE Travel Confederation’s predecessor organisation decided to review the small body of existing research on the under-30 travel market and develop a survey to gather detailed information on the market.

The New Horizons survey combines information on the social and cultural aspects of young travellers (backgrounds, motivations, and experiences) with data on travel behaviours (purchasing, booking, product search and destinations visited). At a basic level, you can expect to learn from New Horizons:

  • Who travels, where, why, and how
  • How trips are planned and booked
  • How much is spent and on what

The study forms the backbone of WYSE Travel Confederation’s research programme. Given the study’s longevity, it also lends insight to trends and future potential. 

  • Are you interested to better understand a specific market, age group or type of travel? 
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New Horizons is supplemented by other WYSE research on specific subjects and issues that influence travel and tourism. Product innovation, distribution technology, destination marketing and national policies relevant to global mobility are a few of the specialised topics that WYSE Travel Confederation’s research investigates.

“If your business is focussed on educational travel or youth-orientated tourism experiences, New Horizons is an essential tool,” said David Chapman, Director General of WYSE Travel Confederation. “The fifth edition of the study will be especially important for businesses looking to navigate their way through the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation is the only global not-for-profit membership organisation representing the entire youth, student and educational travel industry. We believe in the economic and social power of youth, student and educational travel and promote the industry that develops opportunities for young people to travel.

WYSE Travel Confederation is committed to understanding the ever-changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers. We gather, analyse and share important market intelligence with Members, academics and government decision-makers around the globe to:

  • Identify the unique needs and behaviours of young travellers
  • Suggest best practices related to youth-tailored products and policies
  • Promote the social, economic and cultural benefits of international travel and education
  • Support the development of industry specialists in youth, student and educational travel
  • Provide trading and knowledge-sharing platforms for industry specialists in youth, student and educational travel.

The international community of youth, student and educational travel specialists convene at events hosted by WYSE Travel Confederation, such as the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC), the STAY WYSE Hostel Conference and the Work Experience Travel Market (WETM-IAC).


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