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Hostels the secret to travel happiness

Oct 10, 2018

The purpose of a trip, length of stay, and types of activities in the destination all factor into the level of happiness young people find in travelling and so does the type of accommodation used.

Hostels are doing pretty well on the happiness front, from what young travellers reported in WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons IV Survey, which asked young travellers to indicate how happy their last trip made them feel on a scale of 1 to 10.

Youth who used Hostelling International accommodations were the happiest travellers, followed by hostels and B&Bs.  Student residences, vacation rentals, and stays with host families made young travellers least happy.

As for family and friends, hotels and Airbnb, they appear to fall somewhere in the middle in their power to incite happiness for young travellers.

Find out more about the travel behaviours of millennials and generation z in New Horizons IV: A global study of the youth and student travel.