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Study Abroad Panel

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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The Study Abroad Sector Panel within WYSE Travel Confederation represents a diverse range of youth travel programmes with a strong academic component and emphasis on participants’ learning. This includes programmes such as educational tours, experiential learning, language studies, secondary and tertiary education, skill-based and vocational training and other education-focused experiences.
The Study Abroad Sector Panel provides support to organisations producing and/or selling such programmes, and facilitates their success and growth.


  • Trading: Offer a varied networking environment by expanding and diversifying the WYSE member base, creating benchmark industry events, and supporting customised trading connections.
  • Research: Provide members with the data to guide strategic decisions and arm the sector with advocacy tools by driving focused research.
  • Education: Produce learning opportunities and foster best practice through delivering sector-relevant educational content at our events, webinars and peer-to-peer discussion platforms.
  • Advocacy: We support and protect the sector through research-based PR campaigns. The Panel helps define the sector’s future by involving members in high-level discussions about its development, and subsequently ensuring the sector’s wider outreach by representing it among global players and industry thought leaders.

Research and reports

WYSE Travel Confederation undertakes a wide variety of research. Below you can find a sample of reports that are free of charge for members. For all our available reports, please click here.

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Developing lifetime destination advocates through study abroad: Study Auckland

Henry Matthews
Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED)

WYSTC 2019 Lisbon

What We Already Know and What We’re Finding Out about Study Abroad, Language Learning, and Career Opportunities

Amelia Dietrich, PhD
The Forum on Education Abroad

WYSE Travel Confederation webinars 2019

Experiential learning: Dissecting a trend in study abroad programmes

John Cedergardh
STS Education
Lauren Groves
Barry Rawlings
EDU Africa
Laura Rose
Greenheart International

WYSTC 2018 Edinburgh

Empowering young women through study abroad

Terri Hamilton
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, Brigham Young University
Michelle Lomeña
AIP Language Institute

WYSTC 2018 Edinburgh


Trading opportunities 

WYSE Travel Confederation offers many opportunities to meet new business partners and reconnect with existing partners at its industry events.


WYSTC Lisbon 2020

Date:  22 - 25 September 2020
Location: Lisbon Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal

The World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) is the leading trade event for the global youth, student and educational travel industry. Since its inception in 1992 as the annual event of WYSE Travel Confederation, youth and student travel professionals have been gathering annually to trade, network and take part in seminars and workshops.

STAY WYSE Miami: Where the hostel industry meets

Date:  17 - 18 November 2020
Location: Miami, USA

After five successful years in Amsterdam, where STAY WYSE Amsterdam has established itself as the place to meet new trading partners in the youth travel accommodation sector from buyers, to operators, investors and suppliers, STAY WYSE will now expand to the Americas. This second event, called STAY WYSE Miami, will bring together members of the youth travel accommodation sector from North and South America.

STAY WYSE Amsterdam: Where the hostel industry meets

Date:  28 - 29 January 2021
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands

STAY WYSE Amsterdam brings together businesses involved in the youth travel accommodation sector for two days of trading, education and socialising. Now in its sixth year the Conference has rapidly established itself as the place to meet new trading partners; from buyers, to operators, investors and suppliers.


San Diego Declaration

The San Diego Declaration provides the basis for WYSE Travel Confederation’s work with international organisations, governments, sector stakeholders and other NGOs in furthering the cause of global youth travel. The Declaration is a tool to highlight the economic, social and cultural importance of youth travel to governments worldwide.

The Study Abroad Panellists

John Cedergardh

STS Education

Barry Rawlings

Managing Director
EDU Africa

Alex Seigel

The Dragon Trip

John Ricci

Managing Director

Andrew Procter

African Impact