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Diogo Vaz Ferreira | WYSE Travel Confederation
Meet our new Accommodation Panel Chair
WYSE News | January 30, 2024

Diogo Vaz Ferreira joined the Accommodation Panel as Chair on 1 January 2024, for a term of three years. We are delighted to count on Diogo’s invaluable support and guidance for the Accommodation Panel and the strategic direction of WYSE.

Olá, Diogo and welcome to the Accommodation Panel and Management Board! We’re happy to have you and look forward to your fresh perspectives. And what better time to start? We’d love to know which top trend you think will impact your business the most this year.

I think 2024 will be inconsistent and unpredictable. 2023 has been a record year for almost everyone in the industry, despite a difficult macro-economic and geopolitical scenario. 2024 brings an escalation of some of those factors even further, making it very difficult to anticipate what business will look like in a few months. We have also been observing very different performance levels for different European destinations. The key is to be flexible, adapt your strategy and prepare some contingency plans, just in case.

Very grounded! Now, we know that you‘ve attended STAY WYSE twice before, so can you share with us what you consider to be its best-kept secret?

Coming mainly with experience working in luxury hotels, and having attended many similar conferences in the past, I wasn’t expecting such a friendly and cooperative environment, not only between buyers and sellers, but also between competitors. You can efficiently represent your business and close deals, whilst getting to know better the people behind those email signatures, in a much more relaxed way that you would expect.

Music to our ears. And finally, having worked in diverse countries and markets, how do you anticipate your experience will contribute to the growth and success of WYSE?

Even though I have been working my entire career in hospitality, I started working for hostels quite recently (2.5 years ago), so I guess in a way I am still new and can bring some expertise from a more corporate hospitality background. On top of it, I have lived in seven countries, speak four languages and have visited 47 countries. I am passionate about travelling and getting to know different people.

Diogo, you put us to shame! We can’t wait to see what the year brings for you, the Accommodation Panel and our members.

Rumuana Medhandzhieva

Diogo Vaz Ferreira

Accommodation Panel Chair
Head of Commercial
Clink Hostels

Accommodation Panel

Hostels, hotels, camping sites and student residences are represented within WYSE Travel Confederation by the Accommodation Panel. The Accommodation Panel provides support and guidance for one of the travel industry’s fastest growing markets. The Panel mission is to be the voice and forum for providers of safe and affordable youth travel accommodation.