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World Nomads & KILROY announce partnership to serve the UK market
WYSE News | September 14, 2023

World Nomads Travel Insurance, a global leader in cover for the adventure travel market, is proud to announce its partnership with KILROY, the renowned youth and student travel agency, as they make their entry into the UK market.

KILROY, established in Denmark in 1991 and now the largest youth and student travel agency in the Nordic region, has chosen World Nomads as its preferred travel insurance partner. This partnership aims to provide KILROY’s customers with flexible travel insurance options as part of their travel experience, catering to the unique needs of young travellers and students.

Online Program and Future Expansion

KILROY will kickstart the partnership with an initial online travel insurance offering. The youth and student travel agency’s entry into the UK market is a long-term investment with plans for physical stores across the country, with the first of these opening in Bristol this month. For their part, World Nomads is investing in the development of a practical technology platform and agency infrastructure dedicated to the UK market, ensuring seamless customer experiences.

Strategic Alignment

This collaboration aligns with World Nomads’ growth plans following the recent opening of its UK branch. Leveraging their UK based operations, World Nomads aims to bring its brand to new partners in the B2B2C space, expanding its reach and impact in the UK market. The partnership with KILROY is seen by World Nomads as a hugely positive affirmation of their credentials in this space.



Shared Values

Jonathan Frankham, World Nomads UK & EU General Manager, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“KILROY’s principles of local and slow travel, personal growth, adventure and sustainability resonate with World Nomads’ core values, emphasizing responsible and ethical travel. This partnership is about inspiring and educating young travellers on the importance of ethical travel practices and the value of World Nomad travel insurance.

“World Nomads has a rich history of serving travellers worldwide and we have successfully navigated the competitive B2C and B2B markets. Together with KILROY, we want to inspire a generation of travellers who not only seek adventure but also prioritize safety, sustainability, and cultural immersion. We’re excited to be a part of their journey wherever that may take them.”

Niclas Lundquist, KILROY UK Commercial Director, says “At KILROY, our commitment goes beyond just offering exceptional travel experiences. We recognise our responsibility of providing a complete and competitive solution to our customers, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with World Nomads. Their best-in-class products combined with extensive market knowledge makes them the ideal partner for us.”