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BYTAP and Tourism Australia launch digital content initiative to promote Australia
WYSE News | April 21, 2023

The Backpacker & Youth Tourism Advisory Panel (BYTAP) has been working on a digital content initiative to promote Australia. Over 200 photos and five short videos are now freely available for agents to use to promote the backpacking and Working Holiday experience in Australia. The initiative, funded by Tourism Australia, covers five key themes:

  1. Backpacking up the East Coast
  2. The Real Van Life
  3. Working in tourism & hospitality, construction and au pairing
  4. Working in agriculture (88 days)
  5. City-slicking

The digital assets can be found on BYTAP’s website, together with a FAQ section and best practice guide, as well as on the Tourism Australia website. As a key partner, Tourism Australia will be pushing out the imagery and videos to key markets through its online marketing and communications channels.