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Looking to 2023 with the Study Abroad Panel
WYSE News | January 31, 2023

Nina Slupphaugh

Study Abroad Chair

“I love student exchange and international education! I truly believe that we provide something important, both to the individual people involved and also as a platform for positive change in a much broader sense. Changing your environment, moving out of your comfort zone and gaining a new perspective ultimately creates a more open and accepting person – and thereby world.
To be part of the Study Abroad Sector Panel means to be able to affect change, to work on behalf of our industry and to create more opportunities for more young people. The past couple of years have been hard for our industry, but it has been crushing for those whose dreams of traveling abroad have been taken away and have instead been forced to live through various iterations of lockdown and isolation. We see a young generation that has lost valuable time during their most formative years, as their world has shrunk, rather than expanded.
It is my hope that this year we, as a Panel, focus on how we can support those brave enough to explore the world and who may need more support than ever before. We should work to provide safe and fun study abroad alternatives, as well as good mental health resources to navigate the increasingly complex world we find ourselves in.”

Fabiana Martilotta

Viajeros Sin Fronteras

“At the end of 2022 and as we begin 2023, we can see that the study abroad sector is recovering to normality. Young people and students will not be deterred; they will bounce back and continue with their life.
We have learnt that our target audience will do everything possible to have the opportunity to study abroad or have an experience abroad – students are resilient! They will seek out the countries that welcome them, with as few restrictions as possible, and countries that do not adapt to offer students such study abroad experiences will be left behind.”

Kevin Morgan

Academic Language Solutions – iTEP

“I was asked to give some thought to the face of study abroad in 2023 and beyond. I ended up with more questions than answers. A lot of this is because of the intrusion of the COVID-19 pandemic into our patterns of life, business, education, society… and study abroad. Generation Z generally begins with young people born in 1997, which would have put them into college or university just as a xenophobic nationalism spread across the US and beyond and closed borders around the world. Then came COVID-19, further paralysing the movement of students. Now we are breaking out of the paralysis, and we are seeing curricular interest in international topics. The second half of Generation Z (call it Z-2) is ready to study abroad. Do we have a modern industry that is ready to respond?

I called it a modern industry, because that is what it needs to be. Reliance on old models and not listening to the concerns and needs of students will perpetuate an ‘old’ industry. Hopefully, the influx of newer, younger management will point the industry in the direction of tomorrow, today.

A recovery will not be overnight; we need to be patient. A recovery will require cooperation; we need to be collaborative. A recovery will look different from the past; we need to be smart. A recovery will focus on experiences; we need to be open minded.

I hope the recovery will surprise us and serve the Z-2 Generation well.”

Terri Hamilton

Brigham Young University

“Study abroad is an experience that is hard to understand if you have never participated in one. The first study abroad experience in which I participated was over 30 years ago. I travelled to south west India where I studied pregnant and lactating women with vitamin deficiencies. Not only does the experience give you the opportunity for self-reflection, but it also opens an understanding to the world you cannot get in any other way. As a Sector Panellist, it is important for me to be able to share my passion with others. By supporting and implementing international experiences abroad, we raise global awareness and competency with international perspectives. I see the market growing in a positive direction. With our help, we can support new members and invite non-members to take advantage of what we offer.”

Jason Nusser

Greenheart International

“As a Study Abroad Sector Panellist, I look forward to engaging new community members about trading opportunities at WYSE Travel Confederation events. I’m hopeful the panel will prove effective in broad engagement with the study abroad community, by increasing awareness and providing valuable perspectives on issues the sector is facing. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on our sector, it seems now that travel restrictions have lifted and there is a considerable amount of enthusiasm in the market to participate in a variety of cross-cultural study and skill-based vocational training programmes. I strive to play a positive role in working with the community to re-engage, share knowledge and create memorable experiences for students and programme participants!·