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WYSE Travel Confederation 2022 Board and Sector Panel ratifications
WYSE News | September 30, 2022

The following members were confirmed to the Management Board and Sector Panels during the 2022 Annual General Meeting of WYSE Travel Confederation, held on 27 September ahead of the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Lisbon.

Accommodation Panel Chair
Louise Garner, Clink Hostels

Accommodation Panel Members
Louise Garner, Clink Hostels
Tom Cooney, Tourism Adventure Group

Cultural Exchange Sector Panel Members
Saurabh Sabharwal, Volunteering Solutions

Study Abroad Panel Chair
Nina Slupphaug, Educatius Group

Study Abroad Panel Members
Fabiana Martilotta, Viajeros Sin Fronteras
Jason Nusser, Greenheart International
Kevin Morgan, Academic Language Solutions – iTEP
Nina Slupphaug, Educatius Group
Terri Hamilton, Brigham Young University

Travel Safety panel members
Patrick Simmons, Secutive
Sarah McNamara, Intrax – AuPairCare

Management Board
Louise Garner, Clink Hostels
Nina Slupphaug, Educatius Group