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WYSE Travel Confederation’s statement on Ukraine

Feb 25, 2022

WYSE Travel Confederation is deeply concerned by the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and supports calls for adherence to international law and the United Nations Charter.

WYSE Travel Confederation is built on a history dating back to 1949. Formed amidst post-war efforts to foster peace and cultural understanding between East and West through social tourism and exchange programmes, our mission remains resolute and more relevant than ever. Youth travel encourages the exchange of ideas and challenges barriers between nations, contributing positively to education at a global level and developing greater international understanding.

Our thoughts are with our community in Ukraine, Russia and the wider region, and the thousands of exchange students they service. This needless invasion is causing extreme suffering and will leave a lasting and devastating impact on the lives of millions of young people.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.




WYSE Travel Confederation statement on Ukraine

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