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WYSE Travel Confederation welcomes four new panel members
WYSE News | December 17, 2021

The WYSE Travel Confederation Extraordinary General Meeting, held on 16 December 2021, saw the appointment of four members to the WYSE Sector Panels.

The Nominations Committee, comprised of Robyn Walker (CENET), Pieter van der Zeeuw (Hans Brinker), Louise Garner (Clink Hostels), Vicki Cunningham (BUNAC) and David Chapman (WYSE Travel Confederation), met in November 2021 to select the candidates for the available Panel seats.

Finding members to participate this year has had its challenges, given that people are busy with their own businesses and taking into account that WYSE Travel Confederation membership numbers are down.

The Cultural Exchange Sector Panel received a good pool of candidates for two positions, while both the Accommodation and Travel Safety Panels had one candidate each. The Study Abroad Panel did not receive any candidates this year, so recruitment for this Panel will be suspended until 2022.

We are pleased to announce that the following members of the Sector Panels were ratified at the EGM this week:

Cultural Exchange Panel
Natalia de Isidoro Martín
Casey Slamin

Accommodation Panel
Brianda Lopez

Travel Safety Panel
Linda Langin