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Clink Hostels is on track to become a B Corporation

May 11, 2021

Leading youth accommodation provider Clink Hostels has announced its mission to become the world’s first hostel brand to achieve B Corporation status, after 86% of travellers say companies must do more to challenge social, political and environmental issues.

The move follows a recent survey conducted by the brand which found that 86% of 18-39-year-old travellers believe companies should do more to challenge current social, political and environmental issues.
The survey – which had over 700 respondents from 36 countries – inspired Clink to step up and commit to making a positive impact in the world.

“The crisis over the past year has made people think about what is truly of value in life and the issues that matter the most to them,” said Mark Fenelon, CEO. “Businesses can no longer sit on the sidelines because that is part of the problem – we want to be part of the solution and contribute to creating real and powerful change. People are seeking out the companies that are standing up and playing their part in solving social, environmental and inequality issues that we see all around us. We are committed to becoming the first hostel brand to achieve B Corp status and are proud to be leading the force for change in the industry.”

Certified B Corp companies are businesses that use profits to create a positive impact for employees, communities, and the environment. The B Corp movement is set to accelerate in all sectors as the world recovers from Covid-19 and businesses across all sectors work to create a sustainable future.

Over the next 12-18 months, Clink will work towards B Corp status in a number of ways, including adopting more sustainable practices, reviewing recruitment processes to ensure inclusivity and diversity, and giving back to the community by offering facilities free of charge to the local communities surrounding its hostels.

Berrie Darsonval, Clink’s Social Responsibility lead, said: “Balancing profit and purpose is at the heart of Clink’s values. When our founders Anne & Shelly started Clink, their mission was to make cities more accessible to budget-conscious backpackers. Tourism has boomed in the last decade and we’re very aware of the negative impact tourism can have on our cities, our local communities and our planet. We feel it’s our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of society and reduce the impact we have on the environment. We want to be a company that fosters community, champions both local and global causes, creates high-quality jobs and reduces inequalities. Becoming a certified B-Corp would mean joining a host of companies already executing these values.”

To find out more about Clink’s journey to becoming a B-Corporation, click here.

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