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Experiencing Dublin from your bedroom in Ohio: Study abroad challenges during COVID-19
WYSE News | June 16, 2020
In March 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 led to major disruptions for students. Study abroad participants were repatriated to their home countries as universities quickly moved coursework online and closed campuses. For universities, the next question was how do you offer the cultural experiences that students missed out on in their study abroad destinations?

In a WYSE Webinar with the University of Notre Dame, Liz Harter, Social Media Manager, and Colleen Wilcox, Content Strategist, shared their tried and tested practices for building engagement for study abroad students via digital platforms. The two presenters discussed creative and practical approaches to the challenge of engaging a student who should be taking classes in Dublin, but due to circumstances is actually in his/her bedroom in Ohio.

Key takeaways from Liz and Colleen’s session Keeping International Students Connected: Social Media Best Practices During Social Distancing include:

  • Utilise social media to disseminate succinct and user-friendly information.
  • Social media should come second to more personalised and detailed mediums like email.
  • Listen to your audience in order to identify and create content that speaks to their interests.
  • Give your audience a voice by facilitating user-generated content to provide variety and develop relationships.
  • Monitor your audience to gauge sentiment and identify community challenges that require positive support.

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