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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Medical Projects – Best Work Experience Provider 2019

Oct 22, 2019

Medical Projects is one of the UK’s leading career insight and educational course providers, delivering career insight through experiential learning to students, through medical work experience courses, in-school courses, residential courses and school trips that all focus on medical and healthcare careers.
Medical Projects is part of the Education Projects Group.

Medical Projects’ most popular product is Project London, a course that provides students with a combination of work experience, advice, guidance, and interview practice, giving students the highest level of preparation for applying to medical school. Project London is the most immersive learning experience of the projects, consisting of a residential course for up to 24 students at any one time. NHS doctors provide expert advice and guidance on how to maximise students’ medical school applications and also run mock interviews with feedback to ensure students are fully prepared for applying to medical school.

What makes Medical Projects stand out is its commitment to innovation. During Project London, Students spend time in a professional hospital simulation suite, using medical manikins. These are the same training facilities final year medical students and qualified doctors use for their examinations and training. These professional level facilities provide students with the chance to gain hands on work experience. Closely supervised by qualified NHS doctors, the students’ build the knowledge and skills required for them to manage a simulated A&E emergency situation.

Medical Projects also offers Overseas Shadowing Experience projects, which give students the chance to spend time shadowing healthcare professionals in their partner hospital. Students will spend time in a range of departments during their stay, allowing them to develop insight into their chosen career pathway.

The experience offered to students who embark on a Medical Projects programme goes beyond the observational medical experience. As the only company to provide an immersive and interactive simulated patient experience in the UK, students are able to really step into the shoes of a doctor. 100% of students stated that they would recommend Medical Projects to their friends and family, and this year the student feedback score for Project London was 4.85/ 5.