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2 Degrees Transformational Travel Becomes First Inbound Tour Operator to Earn EBI Level 1 Travel Safety Certification

Oct 10, 2019

Press release
Lisbon, Portugal – 10 October 2019

The Canadian company 2 Degrees Transformational Travel has earned the EBI Level 1 Travel Safety Certification, becoming the first international inbound tour operator to achieve such recognition.

EBI Group Inc. launched at the 28th annual meeting of the World Youth Student Travel Conference in Lisbon its Travel Safety Level 1 Certification. This certification uses a rigorous analytical approach to measure where organizations stand in terms of risk mitigation to ensure traveller’s safety and security. Level 1 certifications focus on the areas of regular operations, policies, and staff training.

Safety and security are the new growing requests from young travellers. Reputations and financial goals are at risk. Many businesses and travel networks around the globe are looking at ways to rapidly adapt their operations to the new safety and security requirements. The international team of EBI experts helped 2 Degrees Transformational Travel to protect its long-term reputation through a customized strategy in travel risk management, quality assurance, and the implementation of international safety standards and tools. EBI Travel Safety certifications showcase the progress of organizations that reach specific safety and security benchmarks.

“It is remarkable to see the interest and the progress 2 Degrees Transformational Travel has made in the area of risk mitigation after completing the EBI risk self-assessment tool. 2 Degrees Transformational Travel completed a thorough assessment for its regular operations and, together, we reviewed and refined the effectiveness of its policies. We developed the company’s expertise and practices to maximize safety during travel for students and groups of young travellers. This is the result of a highly focused and structured approach, with clear goals and accountability for reaching international standards in the process,” stated Joël Marier, Vice-president of the EBI Consulting Group.

“Safety and security for our customers is an ongoing agenda. EBI helped us develop our strategy and tools. They were reflected in new policies and staff training materials to better integrate best practices and international standards in our regular operations. The EBI certification will help us position our company on the international market as a solid tour operator focused on travel safety. This certification shows that an independent company has verified our risk management policies and practices. The certification will help us gain even more trust from our partners, student customers, and their parents.” says Kim Carvajal, CEO of 2 Degrees Transformational Travel.

EBI grants two levels of certification. During a Level 2 certification, EBI will assess operations and develop policies to mitigate risk in extraordinary situations. The process includes the implementation of a quality assurance management system to ensure consistency and continuity in risk management best practices.

EBI is committed to achieving sustainable businesses in youth tourism and student travel worldwide by helping them adapt their operations and leadership to safety requirements and opportunities.


About EBI

EBI Group is a premier Canadian-based international consultancy service that offers individually and collectively, value-for-money expertise in youth tourism leadership and management. EBI is leading initiatives at the international level to develop reliable and realistic youth tourism and student travel standards and policies. They are aimed at providing safe, secure and unique customer experiences for young travellers worldwide.

EBI Consulting Group provides total end-to-end solutions by integrating Safety and Security Standards in a comprehensive Quality Assurance system to ensure customized Travel Risk Management.
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About 2 Degrees Transformational Travel

2 Degrees Transformational Travel was created to share our values around culture, the environment, and our place in it. We believe in the power of growing young minds, expanding perspectives, and teaching through travel.  We use the beauty of Vancouver, Canada, to inspire and connect students to the world around them, from sustainability to new cultures and environmental awareness.

2 Degrees signifies what makes us different from other student travel programs.  We teach how closely connected we are to the environment. Our program fosters the “Whom You Know” the “2 Degrees of Connection”, creating pathways both personally and professionally.  It also emphasizes the behaviours needed to prevent a 2-degree rise in global temperatures.  Most importantly, it refers to personal growth and our goal for participants to experience a 2 Degree shift in their perspective of the world.
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Joël Marier