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Viajero Hostels opens its 10th hostel in Latin America
WYSE News | September 12, 2019

On August 13 the Latin American chain of hostels, Viajero, opened the doors of a new hostel in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia with a capacity of 170 beds and a price range of between USD 11 and USD 72.

Since approximately 2009, Colombia has become the new destination in South America. The new trend of young tourists and ‘backpackers’ has found much to do in our country: from music to gastronomy and the discovery of many new places.

Being aware of this, Viajero Hostels, a company that was founded in Uruguay, discovered the key to its expansion in Colombia. “We started in Cartagena and then we began to conquer the heart of Cali, Salento, San Andrés and Tayrona. Now we open the doors to your new destination: Santa Marta”.

Federico Lavagna, CEO of Viajero Hostels, says that this will be the largest hostel in Santa Marta, with the largest number of beds, a capacity of more than 170 people and with an approximate price of USD 11 for shared rooms and USD 72 for private rooms.

“In addition to this, we have a restaurant on the first floor, which is completely committed to sustainable fishing and local produce, and open to guests and the general public. We also have a rooftop bar and pool with a capacity of more than 100 people who can live the experience we want to offer them: bet on the local experience and bring them activities, drinks, food and countless plans focused in the capital of Magdalena,” Federico Lavagna adds.

With 2400 square meters, this new lodging destination in Santa Marta will have spaces curated by Colombian muralists and looms.

“And not only this: we will have basket lamps with local fabrics, veneers and handmade furniture with traditional techniques and details that will make this hostel the best place to vacation in the city,” concludes the CEO of Viajero Hostels.

Argentinians, Brazilians, Germans and Dutch are expected to be the most frequent nationalities arriving at our hostel who, in addition to contributing to tourism in Santa Marta, will generate 35 direct jobs.