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The Learning Adventure launches school trips to South Korea

Jul 18, 2019

There has been a surge of tourism to South Korea in the last decade, largely thanks to the “Korean Wave” that has swept over the Western world. K-pop boyband BTS had the second and third worldwide best-selling albums in 2018 and have collaborated with the likes of Halsey, Steve Aoki and Nicki Minaj. South Korea’s quirky, individualistic fashion has also taken the world by storm, with its out-there street-style designed to turn heads. Clearly, South Korea is an attractive destination for young people, but unfortunately few school trip providers offer tours there.

The Learning Adventure is incredibly proud to be one of the only school trip providers that take schools to South Korea, giving students the opportunity to head to the World Taekwondo Headquarters on a martial arts school trip in Seoul or to check out the K-Pop recording studios on a music school trip.

As well as South Korea, the organisation has recently launched many educational trips throughout Europe: from Business in Rome to Art in Florence, Literature in Paris, Geography in Lyon, Culture in Madrid and Barcelona or History in Andalusia. Each trip is fully customised to the needs of the students and the school’s curriculum. This emphasis on the personal – without sacrificing on the professional – is something The Learning Adventure is passionate about sticking to as they continue to expand.

A growing demand from UK schools wanting shorter trips and international schools looking to visit London has seen The Learning Adventure expand its offer. Students have the opportunity to learn about political science in London and Cambridge, find out what it takes to run a start-up, or discover more about studying and working in engineering and computer science. All the experiences that The Learning Adventure provides have a focus on interactive activities. “A lot of current school trips are still based on wandering around a museum with worksheets. We were keen to break away from that and offer something more unique, engaging and exciting.” – remarks Maria, UK School Trips Officer.

The Learning Adventure is a member of WYSE Travel Confederation.

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