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TourRadar expands their focus in the Americas

Mar 23, 2018

Since TourRadar expanded to North America, opening the Toronto office in 2015, the region is now the biggest and fastest growing market for the company. The WYSE Travel Confederation member said that most recently their business development team has more than doubled with top talent in order to grow its supply of tour operators in the Americas exponentially within the next year.

TourRadar expands focus in the Americas with new team members“We knew that in order to ensure continued success with our current operator partners while growing our supply, we needed to bring in some industry professionals that understand what we do at TourRadar,” said Christian Wolters, Managing Director of North America at TourRadar.

“We now have a team of five focusing on the Americas to ensure that our travellers continue having the widest range of options possible.”

To complement the expertise of Mai-Anh Dinh, previously at G Adventures, and Jillian Bailey who have both been on the business development team for over a year, TourRadar has hired more travel professionals to accelerate growth in the Americas. Roy Reif, previously a business development manager at Topdeck Travel for Eastern North America, has joined TourRadar to bring his skills into the company.

“TourRadar has been a long-standing partner with Topdeck Travel, so naturally I worked with the team on a regular basis and realized the potential early on, which is why I’m here now and ready to expand the market in the Americas” said Reif, business development manager at TourRadar.

Kaitlyn Duggan has also joined the team with an extensive background in the industry. Most recently she worked at Umapped, a travel-tech startup, and focused on business development.

“I have been following what TourRadar has been doing and their growth in the Americas has been significant. For this reason, I’m ecstatic to join the company and grow the market even further,” said Duggan, business development manager at TourRadar.

TourRadar has also hired a business development coordinator, Jennifer Cheng, to work closely with the managers to ensure the growth in the Americas is being pushed forward and running as efficiently as possible.

Source: TourRadar press release, March 2018