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Non-stop Perth to India flight would benefit international students

Mar 13, 2018


A potential deal would join China Eastern, who has promised direct flights from Perth to Shanghai by the end of 2018 (AAP).

A planned non-stop flight from Perth to India has been described as a future boon for Western Australia. State Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said India is his next ‘non-stop target’, revealing Tourism WA is currently negotiating with an Indian airline. Many international students in Perth are Indian.

Key McGowan government ministers will fly to India in the coming months to lobby local airlines. Mr Papalia said there’s great opportunity there.

“We’re lagging sadly in our international student market,” he said. “The biggest source of international students for Perth is India.”

Western Australia experienced a 30 percent increase in Indian visitors in the year to September 2017. FlightGlobal Asia Finance Editor Ellis Taylor said there’s demand for direct flights to India.

“The other markets are almost saturated. For instance, Singapore has a lot of carriers flying there. There’s an increasing number of carriers to Bali.” he said.

“The government is taking a broader view on this. They are looking at access to things like education, even medical tourism from India coming into Western Australia.

“This could be a big boon.” A nine-hour flight to Mumbai would be the most likely route according to Mr Taylor.

Non-stop flights from Perth to London will also take off in a fortnight, while China Eastern has promised to trial direct flights from Perth to Shanghai by the end of this year.

The McGowan government is also negotiating with two Japanese airlines to introduce a non-stop flight to Tokyo.

“Whichever one of them moves first, we’ll go with them,” Mr Papalia said.