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STS launches unique travel and gaming programme for youth

Nov 14, 2017

STS Student Travel Schools is offering a first of its kind travel programme – an e-sports trip to Malta. The eight-day camp for youth is held in collaboration with the Area Academy, founded by e-sports celebrity Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson.

young people in room on computers playing e-sports

Photo from: STS

Participants will compete against each other and receive coaching from Ingemarsson during up to six hours of e-sport daily. The programme aims to help students improve their individual games, team dynamics and communication.

“Being able to offer such a training trip feels completely unbelievable. I am very jealous of those allowed to go, “said Ingemarsson. “I would have done anything to be able to do something like this when I was young.”

Attention will also be paid to developing healthy gaming habits. And, there is more on the agenda than e-sports. Physical activities, boat trips and shopping excursions are also part of the trip.

“We constantly strive to develop experiences based on the demands from our young customers, and this is in line with the growing interest in e-sports worldwide,” says John Cedergårdh, CEO of STS Student Travel Schools. “Furthermore we are excited to partner with an organization like Area Academy who share the same values as us and believe in experience based and active learning”.

STS also hopes to attract more girls to e-sports through this programme. The first trip will take place over Easter 2018.


close up of young girls playing games on computers