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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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volunteer travel organisation founder giving back to Sri Lanka

Shakthi Eurasia Exchange has been offering volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka since 2013 when the organisation was established in a small coastal town called Ambalangoda. This WYSE Travel Confederation member is a leading force in community development and wildlife supported conservation projects. For founder Ashika Senevirathna, these projects are not only about developing Sri Lanka towards long term sustainable goals. They’re also about giving back to the very community he comes from.

After completing his studies at Dharmasoka College in Ambalangoda, Ashika said he worked a few jobs before becoming a coordinator for international volunteering projects. Ashika then created Shakthi Eurasia Exchange with a mission of being community minded. In 2015, the company built and donated an eye clinic to a local hospital. Now, Shakthi Eurasia Exchange is building a volleyball court at a local school. This is a project Ashika said is dear to his heart for several reasons.

“I always wanted to do some thing back to where I learned. In Sri Lanka our national sport is volleyball. In my school, we have a team but until today the school didn’t have enough resources- especially a court. At the request of a school association, we decided to donate a volleyball court in 2017.”

volunteer travel organisation founder giving back to Sri Lanka

Volleyball court construction underway

He said the project is estimated at 1 million Sri Lankan rupees (approx. 6500 USD). Ground has already been broken and construction will begin in September. Ashika said the goal is to open the court to school children in December.

Shakthi Eurasia Exchange receives about 600 international students each year. In addition to sustainability, the organisation wants to be sure their volunteer opportunities are safe and affordable. This way, Ashika said more young people can see the world, meet like-minded people and engage in meaningful volunteering work. “We believe there is no way to travel without making a positive impact on the world.”

You can learn more about volunteering opportunities with Shakthi Eurasia Exchange here.