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StudentUniverse now stands to serve as a resource; Provide travel discounts to international students studying in Europe.

StudentUniverse, a leading resource for student travel discounts, yesterday announced that it has partnered with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), WYSE member and the largest student organisation in Europe with over 190,000 local and international student members.

The Erasmus Student Network is a youth-led, volunteer-based, non-profit organisation with a presence in 37 European countries. It provides international students with opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development.

Through the partnership, StudentUniverse will help ESN’s members travel cheaper by providing an additional £15 discount on top of its already-discounted student and youth fares on the first flight they book with StudentUniverse. StudentUniverse will join other notable ESN partners (including Airbnb, Hostelling International, and The Economist) to serve as a resource for international students and ESN’s local member organisations worldwide.

ESN members will also regularly receive travel tips and ongoing information from StudentUniverse about flight sales and promotions that would be of interest to international students looking to travel during their exchange, or to and from their university at the beginning and end of the semester.

We are always looking to partner with organisations that can provide valuable resources for international students and the local member organisations we work with. Travel plays a fundamental role in a student’s Erasmus experience, and by partnering with StudentUniverse we’re confident that ESN members will be able to better compare specialty travel pricing for students and book discounted travel deals,” said Stefan Jahnke, president of the Erasmus Student Network.

Student Universe new largeWe look forward to working with StudentUniverse to help international students see more of the world, but also to help our member organisations travel to ESN events worldwide by collaborating with StudentUniverse’s Travel Services team for group bookings,” he concludes.

Source: Business Wire