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The US tax filing season survival guide for nonresidents

Ryan Ludden,

Associate Vice President, Sprintax

As the 2023 tax season kicks off, this practical webinar will break down some of the key things to know about US tax for nonresidents in the USA. The session will cover topics such as tax residency, FICA taxes for nonresidents, who must file US tax forms, guidance for employers who hire nonresidents, as well as the implications of misfiling or not filing a tax return for NRA’s. The session will benefit anyone who currently sends or receives nonresidents to the USA or who has an interest in the topic.


Associate Vice President

Ryan Ludden has been supporting organisations across the US and around the world with nonresident tax compliance for over six years at Sprintax. During that time, Ryan has delivered more than 500 tax workshops and webinars to nonresidents and their employers, assisting with tax filing and process optimisation to ensure nonresident US tax compliance.