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New Horizons II – The Young Independent Traveller 

Published 2007

Research categories: Accommodation, Trade

Update of the benchmark study conducted in 2002 which identified the motivations and unique travel characteristics of the millions strong global movement of independent young travellers. Through this updated study, WYSE Travel Confederation endeavoured to further advance an understanding of the unique travel motivations, activities, booking and spending habits of young travellers.

WYSE Travel Confederation promotes the social value of youth travel and encourages a better understanding of it by governments, industry and social sector organisations around the world. Studies such as New Horizons provide further evidence that international travel experiences are an essential part of young people’s personal and educational development, feeds their curiosity of other cultures, and contributes to the openness that underpins international understanding.

Findings from this report were selected for inclusion in a compendium of research on the student and youth travel market published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in November 2007.


Page count: 37

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