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New Horizons III: The Student Traveller
An analysis of the industry sector of young student travellers
Published January 2014

The New Horizons III survey of global youth and student travel is conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation every five years and aims to provide an overview of the global youth and student travel market. The aim of New Horizons is to provide a global overview of the youth and student travel market, which was estimated to include 284 million international trips in 2016.

  • Who travels, where, why and how?
  • How are trips planned and booked?
  • How much is spent and on what?

New Horizons is the only recurring global survey of the youth travel market. Since its first iteration in 2002, New Horizons has expanded in both scale and scope, going from 2,300 responses in 2002 to 34,000 in 2012.

Key takeaways

This extract from the 2013 New Horizons III survey of youth travellers reports on responses from 11,290 students from all world regions who travelled for study purposes in 2012.