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Financial aid resources

At this challenging time, governments and official bodies are announcing different measures to help businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic. WYSE Travel Confederation is here to help and support its members with advice and guidance, and has been collating resources explaining the measures being put in place according to country.

Last updated on 11 June, 2020

If your country does not feature on the below list and you have information regarding any financial aid packages or recovery resources being offered, please email us at and we will include it on this page.

Governments are focusing on a mixture of tax moratoriums, payment extensions on social charges, loan guarantees and wage subsidies for workers who cannot work or who are obliged to move to part-time roles.

The European Commission plans to mobilise EUR 37 billion under its regional funding programs to combat the impact of the pandemic. It has also said that EU countries will be granted “full flexibility” in their fiscal rules to allow them to boost expenditure.

In general, the financial rescue packages proposed by governments are targeting businesses and people unable to earn income, and include:

  • State loans or credit guarantees for companies
  • Income subsidies for affected workers
  • Tax deferrals
  • Social security deferrals or subsidies
  • Debt repayment holidays
  • Working time reduction schemes


Ministry of Health: Updates and information
Bank of Albania: Response to COVID-19
U.S Embassy in Albania: Travel advice
Tirana International Airport: COVID-19 measures and rules

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria: COVID-19 health advice
U.S Embassy in Algeria: COVID-19 information and guidance 

Government of Angola

Ministry of Health: COVID-19
National Institute of Tourism: Tourism and coronavirus
Government of Argentina: Official bulletin of the Argentine republic

Tourism Australia: Information and resources for Australia’s tourism industry
Department of the Treasury: Cash flow assistance for businesses
Department of the Treasury: Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme
Department of Health: Travel advice
Department of Home Affairs: Australia’s immigration and border arrangements during the COVID-19 outbreak
Sydney Airport: COVID-19 travel update
By state:
New South Wales: Businesses and employment
Queensland: Coronavirus (COVID-19) essential information
South Australia: COVID-19 business information and support
Tasmania: Business Tasmania Coronavirus information  
Victoria: Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support
Western Australia: COVID-19 coronavirus: Latest updates

Austrian Business Service Portal: Measures and advice by the Federal Government
Austrian Economic Chamber: Information service for affected companies
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism: Measures for tourism
Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs: Travel restrictions
Austrian Hotel Association: Smart restart – Corona and the hotel industry
Vienna Airport: Information on flight operations
Austrian Airlines: Coronavirus latest information

The Bahamas
The Government of The Bahamas: COVID-19 dashboard
The Islands of The Bahamas: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation announces plan for reopening tourism sector

Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Health: COVID-19 updates

Institute for Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research: COVID-19 dashboard

Federal Public Service Finance: Aid measures
Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs: Travel advice
National Bank of Belgium: Guarantee scheme for individuals and companies affected by the corona crisis
Brussels Airport: How to travel in corona times

Government of Brasil: Economic aid measures for small businesses
Government of Brasil: TodosporTodos movement
Government of Brasil: COVID-19 legislation
Embratur (Agency for International Tourism): Campaign to strengthen tourism post-coronavirus
General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic National Press: Official diary of the union

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria: Information about COVID-19 for citizens and medical professionals
Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria: COVID-19 unified information portal

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Measures to tackle COVID-19
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Travel restrictions
U.S Embassy in Cambodia: COVID-19 information and guidance

Government of Canada: Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan
Government of Canada: Support for Canadians and businesses
Government of Canada: Support for businesses 
Government of Canada: Travel restrictions,exemptions and advice
Destination Canada: Updates on COVID-19
Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)
Hotel Association of Canada: Support for businesses
International Airport Authority of Ottowa: COVID-19 measures at Ottawa International Airport
By province:
Alberta: Supports for businesses
British Columbia: Supports for businesses
Ontario: Supports for businesses
Québec: Government financial support
Nova Scotia: Supports for businesses
New Brunswick: Guidance for business
Saskatchewan: Support for business
Manitoba: Information for businesses
Prince Edward Island: Information for business
Newfoundland & Labrador: Coronavirus resources
Nunavut: Small business support program

Channel Islands
Government of Jersey: Business and employment information
Visit Jersey: COVID-19 guidance and support

Government of Chile: Economic emergency plan
Government of Chile: President Piñera announces the second stage of the economic emergency plan
Government of Chile: COVID-19 official information
Government of Chile: Declaration on the closure of borders
Central Bank of Chile announces new measures 

Government of China: Finance update
Ministry of Finance: How fiscal policy can be more proactive
Government of China: Updates on China’s fight against COVID-19
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Health advice

Ministry of Health and Social Protection: COVID-19 Portal
Government of Colombia: Government support for the tourism sector 
Government of Colombia: President Duque extends health emergency until August 31
Colombia Reports: Colombia to extend international air travel ban until August 31

Costa Rica
Government of Costa Rica: Economic updates regarding COVID-19
Government of Costa Rica: Support for small businesses
Ministry of Health: National guidelines for the surveillance of COVID-19
Visit Costa Rica: Statement by the Costa Rica Tourism Board on COVID-19

Croatian Institute of Public Health: COVID-19 information
Government of the Republic of Croatia: Mandate for the economic recovery of the Republic of Croatia
Government of the Republic of Croatia: Announcement of the continuation of financial support for transport, tourism and partially hospitality sectors
Croatian National Tourist Board: Travel guidance

Czech Republic
Government of the Czech Republic: COVID-19 information
Government of the Czech Republic: Measures adopted by the Czech Government against the coronavirus
Netherlands Czech Chamber of Commerce: Government targeted employment protection programme
Ministry of Finance: Information on COVID-19
Ministry for Regional Development: COVID-19 measures and assistance
Prague Airport: Travel possibilities to and from the Czech Republic

Ministry of Finance: Tripartite agreement
Ministry of Finance: Aid package for the Danish economy
Copenhagen Capacity: Information for tour operators
Travel Guarantee Fund: Information for the travel industry
Horesta Trade Association: Funding information for tourism projects
VisitDenmark: Travel measures
Copenhagen Airport: Travel restrictions in Copenhagen Airport

Dominican Republic
Presidency of the Dominican Republic: Economic and Employment Commission
Central Bank of the Dominican Republic: Measures adopted in view of the impact of COVID-19 on the Dominican economy
Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association: COVID-19 resources
U.S Embassy in the Dominican Republic: Alerts and messages

Coronavirus Ecuador: Updates and information
Collaborative of citizens
U.S Embassy and Consulate in Ecuador: COVID-19 and travel information

U.S Embassy in Egypt: Coronavirus information
AL-Monitor: Economic actions to counter coronavirus
Egypt Online Visa: Travel restrictions and advisories

Government of the Republic of Estonia: Coronavirus and healthcare
Government of the Republic of Estonia: Travelling and border-crossing

European Union
European Commission: Coronavirus response in relation to tourism
European Commission: Press material from the Commission Spokesperson’s Service
European Commission: Transport measures
European Commission: A European roadmap to lifting Coronavirus containment measures
European Commission: COVID-19 temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU
European Union: Access to finance
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: COVID-19 situation update for the EU/EAA and the UK, as of 26, May 2020

Fijian Government
Department of Immigration
Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association: Fiji Airways announces further measures due to COVID-19 crisis
Tourism Fiji: COVID-19 information and updates
Tourism Fiji: Travel advice and guidance

Finnish Government: Information and advice regarding coronavirus
Finnish Government: The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment group prepares for the effects of coronavirus
Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland: Travel advice to avoid non-essential travel
VisitFinland: Practical information for travellers to Finland during the Coronavirus pandemic

French government: Information about Coronavirus
French government: Support measures for businesses
French government: Support measures for businesses (download)
French Public Bank: Measures to support the travel sector
Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs: Travel restrictions and implementation of public health measures at borders

Government of Georgia: StopCoV Fund
Georgian Trade Union Confederation: Recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace
Explore Georgia: COVID-19 resources and updates
Georgia Department of Public Health; International travel advice

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology: Information and support for businesses
Federal Ministry of Finance: Emergency aid and protection funds
German Tourism Association: Aid for affected companies
German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA): Information on the reopening of restaurants and hotels
The Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry (BTW): Coronavirus – the current situation and aid measures available
Federal Foreign Office: Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 6 things travellers to Germany need to know

The Presidency Republic of Ghana: COVID-19 National Trust Fund
U.S Embassy in Ghana: COVID-19 information

National Public Health Organisation: COVID-19 information and guidance
National Public Health Organisation: Guidance for hotels and other travellers’ accommodation facilities

Communications and Presidential Strategy Office: COVID-19 information
Honduran National Chamber of Tourism: Health and safety protocol for hotels and accommodation
Government of the United Kingdom: Travel guidance for Honduras

Hong Kong
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Measures to support individuals and businesses
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: COVID-19 resource centre
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Quarantine procedures for inbound travellers

About Hungary: COVID-19 updates and information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: News and updates
U.S Embassy in Hungary: COVID-19 information

The Office of the Director of Health: COVID-19 what you need to know
Samtök ferðaþjónustunnar (SAF): SAF status page and status of COVID-19
Government of Iceland: Testing for international arrivals information
Government of Iceland: Temporary travel restrictions extended until June 15
Inspired by Iceland: Information, developments and advice about Iceland and COVID-19
Icelandic Tourism Board: Novel Coronavirus general information

Government of India: Updates on COVID-19
Government of India Press Information Bureau: Financial aid
Incredible India: COVID-19 Travel Advice by the Ministry of Tourism
Bureau of immigration: Travel and visa restrictions related to COVID-19 

Ministry of Health – Republic of Indonesia: COVID-19 health guidance
Directorate General of Immigration the Ministry of Law and Human Rights: Travel restrictions to Indonesia during COVID-19 outbreak

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran: The effects of COVID-19

Kurdistan Regional Government: COVID-19 information for citizens and travellers
Kurdistan Regional Government: COVID-19 advice and emergency hotline

Government of Ireland: COVID-19 Information for Employers and Employees
Government of Ireland: Latest updates on COVID-19 from DEASP
Government of Ireland: Roadmap for opening society and business
Government of Ireland: COVID-19 travel advice
Fáilte Ireland: Business supports hub
Fáilte Ireland: FAQs managing your insurance during COVID-19 
Citizens Information: COVID-19 pandemic unemployment payment
Fáilte Ireland: Guidelines for re-opening leisure and tourism 

Government of Israel: Information and updates from government ministries and bodies
Government of Israel: State Guarantee Fund for small and medium business loans
Government of Israel – Prime Minister’s Office: Travellers arriving in Israel will be quarantined
Israel Ministry of Health: COVID-19 health guidance
Israel Ministry of Health: Relief measures for the reopening of tourist and leisure attractions

National Institute of Social Security, Cura Italia: latest updates
Ministry of Economy and Finance: COVID-19 updates
National Tourist Office: Information and updates for tourists
Ministry of Health: Covid-19 news
Federation of the Italian Hotel and Tourism Associations: Press and Communications 

Ministry of Health and Wellness: COVID-19
Jamaica Information Service: COVID-19
Ministry of Tourism: Bartlett to make Jamaica’s tourism sector COVID secure

Japan National Tourism Organisation: COVID-19 advisory information
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Press conference held by the Minister – Tuesday, 2 June 2020
U.S Embassy & Consulates in Japan: Health advisory

Ministry of Health: Information and updates
Jordan Tourism Board: COVID-19 update

Ministry of Healthcare

Republic of Kenya: Presidential address on economic measures against COVID-19
Ministry of Health: COVID-19 health guidance

Government of Latvia: Information on coronavirus
Ministry of Finance: COVID-19
Centre for Disease and Prevention Control: Guidance for the general public
Latvia Travel: Travel advice

Ministry of Public Health: COVID-19 guidance

Ministry of Economy and Innovation: Business support
Ministry of Economy and Innovation: Business information on COVID-19
Ministry of Finance: COVID-19 fund
Ministry of Transport and Communications: Travel restrictions regarding COVID-19
Corona Stop: Important information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Government and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: COVID-19 updates

Ministry of Tourism: COVID-19 travel alerts for Madagascar 

Treasury: Economic Stimulus Package
Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia: COVID-19

Ministry of Finance: Economic Recovery Plan
Ministry of Tourism: Updates on COVID-19

COVID-19 Info Page
VisitMalta: COVID-19 travel updates
Malta International Airport: Travel advice

Ministry of Information
Loan package announced for coronavirus-hit businesses in key sectors

Government of Mexico: Updates and information
Government of Mexico: The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture report 
Visit Mexico: COVID-19 recommendations

Government of Republic of Moldova: Information regarding coronavirus

Impact of COVID-19 on economy

Government of Montenegro: COVID-19 measures and recommendations

Kingdom of Morocco: Financial aid
Kingdom of Morocco: Ministry of Health
Kingdom of Morocco: Measures taken by the Ministry of Economy and Finance
Morocco World News: Economic fund to face COVID-19

Government of Norway: The Coronavirus situation
Government of Norway: Compensation scheme for companies
Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Coronavirus – advice and information
Government of Norway: Border controls
Visit Norway: Coronavirus and travelling to Norway

Chamber of Commerce: Check the arrangements
Government of The Netherlands: Information on COVID-19
Netherlands Enterprise Agency: Damage compensation
Government of The Netherlands: Changes to the coronavirus control measures from 11 May 2020
Industry Association for the Catering Industry: Coronavirus information 
Government of The Netherlands: FAQs travel restrictions for The Netherlands
I amsterdam: Travel information

New Zealand
New Zealand government: Unite against COVID-19 – Financial support
Ministry of Health: COVID-19 updates, advice and information
Immigration New Zeland: Border closures and expectations

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC): COVID-19 dashboard

Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Health: Media centre and news 
KPMG Lower Gulf: Oman Government measures to address COVID-19

Ministry of Economy and Finance: Economic recovery initiatives
U.S Embassy in Panama: COVID-19 information

Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare: COVID-19 information and health guidance
The Government of Paraguay: Programmes and subsidies

Government of Pakistan: COVID-19 health guidance
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation: COVID-19 live status

Government of Peru: Emergency measures for families
Government of Peru: COVID-19 health statistics and information
Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion: YoMeQuedoEnCasa
COFIDE The Development Bank of Peru: Business support fund for MYPE
Government of Peru: Travel information

Department of Health: Updates on COVID-19
Department of Health: COVID-19 tracker Philippines
Department of Tourism: Updates and status reports
Department of Labour and Employment: COVID-19 mitigating measures

Government of Poland: Information for entrepreneurs
Polish Tourism Organisation: Safety advice for travellers
Government of Poland: Coronavirus health information and guidance

Government of Portugal: Employment and business support
Turismo de Portugal Business: Financial support measures
Turismo de Portugal Business: Tax and contributory measures
Turismo de Portugal Business: Labor and employment measures
Turismo de Portugal Business: COVID-19 Customer service
Directorate of General Health: Status report
Lisbon Airport: COVID-19 passenger information 

State of Qatar Ministry of Health: COVID-19 dashboard
U.S Embassy in Qatar: COVID-19 information

Ministry of Finance: Information and updates
Government of Romania: Containment measures

Government of Russia: Tour operator update
Government of Russia: Meeting on economic issues
Online Inspection: Rights of workers and employees

Ministry of Health: COVID-19
International Monetary Fund: Economic disbursement to Rwanda to address COVID-19

Saint Lucia
Ministry of Health and Wellness: COVID-19 dashboard
Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting: COVID-19 resources

Government of Serbia: Updates on COVID-19
Government of Serbia: COVID-19 statistics and health guidance (English language)

Ministry of Health Singapore: Updates on COVID-19
Singapore Tourism Board: FAQs for Tourism Businesses
Singapore Tourism Board: Support measures for tourism businesses
Government of Singapore: Go Business COVID – supporting our businesses

Government of Slovenia: Measures for businesses

Government of the Slovak Republic: COVID-19 information
Institute of Health Policy: COVID-19 research
Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic: COVID-19 information and guidance

South Africa
South African Revenue Service (SARS): The impact on COVID-19 on SARS
Department of Health: South African Resource Portal
South Africa Tourism: Tourism update
SATSA: Business support
SATSA: TBCSA protocols for tourism industry operations
Department of Health: Travel advice in response to COVID-19 pandemic

South Korea
Korea Current Affairs: Korea’s national response to COVID-19
Seoul Metropolitan Government: Cities against COVID-19 (CAC) (English language)
Korean Air: Entry restrictions by country

Government of Spain: Royal decree law on urgent measures to face the social and economical impact of COVID-19
Government of Spain: Information for businesses
Government of Spain: Information on tax returns for small businesses and self-employed
Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare: Public health alerts 
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism: FAQs about industry and business
Government of Spain: Travel restrictions

Sri Lanka
Ministry of Information and Mass Media: Relief and stimulus package
Central Bank of Sri Lanka: Financial support to coronavirus-hit businesses
President’s Media Division: Travel restrictions

The Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini: latest news

Ministry of Finance: Financial measures related to COVID-19
Public Health Agency of Sweden: FAQs about COVID-19

Federal Department of Finance: Aid measures
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs: Economic measures
Federal Office for Public Health: Restrictions on entering Switzerland
Federal Office for Public Health: Health measures related to COVID-19
Local.Ch: Switzerland to open EU borders from Monday, 15 June 2020

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: COVID-19 updates

Tourism Authority of Thailand News: Thai cabinet approves measures to help companies
Bank of Thailand: Mortgage suspension measures
Government Savings Bank: Measures to assist customers and companies
Tourism Authority of Thailand News: COVID-19 situation in Thailand 
The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand: Travel Advisory to passengers planning to enter Thailand

Trinidad and Tobago
Ministry of Tourism: COVID-19 Resources

Ministry of Health: COVID-19 updates and information

Ministry of Health: COVID-19 updates
Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services
Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency: Safe Tourism Certification Programme

United Kingdom
Government of the United Kingdom: Business support
Government of the United Kingdom: Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Travel advice: coronavirus (COVID-19) 
HM Treasury: Chancellor extends furlough scheme until October 2020
Visit Britain: Latest information and advice for businesses
Government of the United Kingdom: International travel advice
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations: Financial aid for the third sector
The Scottish Government: COVID-19 a framework for decision making

United States
Please be sure to check the policies in place for your specific states and cities.
United States government: Coronavirus updates
United States government: Government benefits resources
U.S Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Support Package
U.S Small Business Administration: Small business guidance & loan resources
U.S Travel Association: CARES Act Relief Resources
Federal Aviation Authority: COVID-19 update
Homeland Security: Travel restrictions
American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA): Safe Stay guidelines 
By state: 
Alabama: COVID-19 information hub
Alaska: How is the Department of Health and Social Services responding to COVID-19? 
Arizona: Arizona Together
California: Workers information and support
Colorado: Small Business Resources – COVID-19 Information
Florida: Information for Businesses and Employers 
Georgia: COVID-19: Support for Businesses
Idaho: Resources for Business
Kansas: Guidance for Business and Employers
Louisiana: COVID-19 Resources
Michigan: Resources and assistance 
Minnesota: COVID-19 Information for Minnesotans
Mississippi: Support for workers impacted by COVID-19 
Montana: Coronavirus relief fund public comment
Nebraska: Department of Economic Development COVID-19 information 
Nevada: Health response COVID-19
New Jersey: COVID-19 information for New Jersey Businesses 
New Mexico: Information for individuals experiencing financial hardship
New York: Small business support 
Oklahoma: Open up & recover safely (OURS) Plan
Texas: Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources
Vermont: COVID-19 recovery resource center
Virginia: Support for businesses
Washington: Resources for business & workers 
Wyoming: COVID-19 Information: Businesses, employees and financial

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Ministry of Health of Ukraine: COVID-19 updates
Visa Ukraine: Ukraine entry restrictions

United Arab Emirates
Please be sure to check the policies in place for your specific states and cities.
Central Bank of the U.A.E: Targeted economic support scheme
COVID-19 updates and guidance
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation: Coronavirus latest updates
The Supreme Council for National Security: Travel restrictions 

National System of Emergencies: Updates on COVID-19
Ministry of Public Health: Coronavirus national plan

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Vietnamese government is planning to issue a variety of incentives to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, the Prime Minister issued Directive 11 on measures to help businesses affected by the pandemic. The incentives will include providing tax breaks, delaying tax payments, and land-use fees for businesses, costing the government US$1.16 billion (VND 27 trillion).
Online newspaper of the government: Package to support coronavirus-hit groups
PwC Legal Vietnam NewsBrief: Actions to mitigate harm from COVID-19 outbreak
Vietnam Investment Review: Firms impacted by COVID-19 exempt from social insurance
Ministry of Health: Public health alerts
Vietnam Tourism: Travel advisory

Ministry of Health and Childcare


We will continue updating this page with new developments. 

Although we are doing our best to keep the information updated, we cannot guarantee that the information is the latest available. Please check with your country’s authorities for the most up-to-date information.