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The future of ancillary retail for the hospitality sector

Simon Dempsey, Founder & CEO, LikeWhere

ITB Berlin 2019, Hall 4.1, WYSE Workshop area

Thursday, 7 March 15:00 Р15:30


Session description

Is your hospitality brand ready to access a new era of ancillary revenue beyond the lobby door? Find out during this session with one of the innovators of in-destination intelligence, Simon Dempsey, CEO and Founder of LikeWhere.


Simon Dempsey started LikeWhere a number of years ago to help travel brands address the changing values of today’s modern consumer.

LikeWhere is all about personalising travel marketing and in-trip retailing for leading travel and hospitality brands, with exceptional digital experiences being at the heart of the brand/consumer relationship.

Simon also loves to play his Stratocaster, walk his sheepdog along wild, rustic beaches and send his mountain bike down very steep trails — but none of that will come out during his talk. It’s travel, people, all about travel.